[37] goodbye europa

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mikky and i's car rides will never go out of style.

it's crazy to think we were just screaming that song and now we watched as both teams shake it out and the europa league anthem played.

i make a face at the sound knowing the past few years haven't been great for us but that will never be a good enough excuse for our mentality to never be at europe's standards.

but with that, the game kicks off.

"you think any of them saw us?" mikky asks but i doubt it. "had they, pedri would've made it obvious." especially because i didn't wear the jersey like i promised.

the crowd was way too big and i wanted to keep it low-key tonight. he'll understand and i know he will. for now, the least i can do is focus on the game.

the first minutes go by. nothing exciting was happening but we also weren't playing too bad.

it did get exciting at the seventeenth minute when bruno thought it'd be a good idea to pull balde back in the box, giving us a penalty.

"please don't miss." i whisper as if anyone close to me could hear. it was a silent prayer for lewandowski who would hopefully give us the lead in this.

the ref blows the whistle and he shoots where it just barely makes contact with de gea's hand before making it's way in the back of the net.

i just like the rest of the camp nou celebrate anyways. the important part was that he got us on the scoreboard. soon, everyone bunched up around him and hugged each other, knowing that this would be hopefully one of the many to keep us alive in this competition.

half time was seconds away. nothing has happened since, thankfully. but mikky did go get us popcorn at one point. she said it couldn't wait till halftime knowing lot's of people would leave too.

i couldn't argue with that when the whistle blew and that's exactly what happened. some people left to the concessions while the players were coming our direction to go down to the locker rooms.

i kept an eye out while digging my hand in the bucket.

"it's pedri!" i yell once he got closer and was able to signal him to look up.

at the same time, gavi caught and looked up too.

the smile i had not even two seconds ago got fainter and i tried to put all my attention back on pedri, but it was kinda hard.

thankfully, he waved back and signaled to his shirt by pulling on it. "i think he's asking if you're wearing it."

if that's the case, i unzip my sweater to show him i'm just in a white long sleeve.

his mouth hangs open in disbelief and makes me laugh. i wish i could stay there laughing at him, but my eyes found their way back to gavi's where we held eye contact as he slowed down before entering the tunnel. "i should've never invited you!" it's pedri's voice that makes me lose focus before he disappears... and gavi follows.

"well that was mean." i say after letting it sink. "i mean, he did ask you to."

"okay but i need a break from that jersey too!"

the second half began a few seconds ago and the only change was for antony on united's end.

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