[43] forever thirty

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i'm glad i was smart enough to stuff cash into my bag before i left the house to give to the taxi driver.

he thanked me and i thanked him for even getting me here on time when i realized i was just minutes away from being considered late. so i got out the car and started digging for my ID to unlock the doors to the office of the gamper.

when i found it and tapped it against the machine, the doors unlocked and i got a warm smile from laura, the lady at the front desk.

"a tiempo, camile. ya va salir laporta. (in time, camile. laporta is coming out soon)"

i thank her and start to make my way to the bathroom just to freshen up.

and panic a little.

today was the day so many of my dreams would be coming true.

to play as barca's ten.

what made it even more special was the fact that my parents would be coming home in a matter of a few days so they can watch my first game as ten.

they're probably more excited than i am for this number change because of how much i never shut up about it as a kid.

it's a promise i made them and i was finally living up to it.

the pacing back and forth in the bathroom wasn't helping all that much and i'm just wasting time knowing laporta could possibly be waiting for me as we speak.

so before i go i walk up to the sink and look into the mirror, take a deep breath, and have one last look at the face who held one of the most important parts of her career to go onto the other.

forever thirty, but ready for so much more.

i smile and turn the knob to the bathroom when all of a sudden—



his entire back hit my left shoulder so i held him up with my hands before he completely pushed me back into the bathroom. "camile?"

"what're you—" we both start but he stops first.

"you go first." i was hoping to have him go first though. "no, you." and i'll push for it if i have to. "i asked you first—"

"i'm asking now. so go." his eyes fall annoyed at me before he takes a deep sigh. "it was supposed to be a surprise."

"what was?"

"i'm here to get my number changed." my brows were practically in a knot at his words. "what? so am i." i tell him straight up. "wait, what?" i can only nod at his confused voice because that's all we could do if we've both already explained why we're here. "why wouldn't you tell me?" he asks suddenly.

"i'll be honest... it slipped my mind," i felt a little guilty in the moment admitting that. my voice said it all too.

but he didn't say anything. instead he looked around our surroundings for a quick second before leaning down and leaving a kiss on my forehead. "and that's okay." he tells me in a sweet voice.

but i can't help to ask either. "and what did you mean this was supposed to be a surprise?"

he continues to look down at me when he scratches the back of his head, almost like he's embarrassed to admit something.

"so maybe then you'd wanna wear my jersey." that doesn't fail to make me smile and one slowly but surely creeps onto his. "soon, pablo."

"i'd hope so." my eyes fall a little when he said that.

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