[19] the deal

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"you sure i won't be alright by two, doc?"

"miss santana, i would consider yourself very—"

the aggressive knock of my front door stopped whatever the doctor was saying.

for the better though because i did not have to be reminded that i'd be missing el clásico and possibly the supercopa final. "i'll answer it for you, miss." it was just her and i in my apartment. for the past hour she's been doing small tests and i was convincing her i was fine but in reality my lower back was killing me.

which is why i can't really get up for a while, not unless i really need to, anyways.

"you have your first visitors." not true, my teammates came to check up on me immediately after. "and who would that—"

"camile!" it was ansu's voice that stopped everything. "oh you're alright and not dead!" what a rude assumption, i think. "not yet."

"miss santana—"

"sorry." i whisper because i know she's more than sick of me. "well, i best go. please take care of yourself and only get up when need be. maybe your friends can assist you."

"that's why we're here." my eyes were shut for the longest since they came in, but they snapped open at the sound of gavi's voice. "good day!" she tells us and pedri walks her out. "what was up with her accent?"

"can't you tell she's english?" i say. "and what's she doing here in barcelona?"

like i would know. "can one of you close the curtain for me?" she made sure all the natural light was hitting me when she came in. "have you had breakfast?" well, she gave me orange juice, but that's about it.

i shake my head and i immediately hear aluminum ruffle. "good because my mom made you some food... fer did too."

my eyes widen at their names.

i love their food and i'm sure it'll heal me faster than just laying here. "help me sit up?" i ask and balde and ansu seem to have that when they grab my arms.

gavi helped in fluffing the pillow i'd be resting on when i sat up.

"so... how is it?" he asks from behind me, sitting on the ledge of the couch. "hurt like hell in the moment. i'm doing better though."

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