[1] first words

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"vamos (let's go), camile!" the support from the bench would be motivating if salma would just let me win this duel. "i give up." i finally say; it catches her off guard but she should know me better than that.

i shove her to the side now that i'm in the box and kick with my left making is past cata.

"salma!" all you could hear are the complaints of her teammates. "i thought she was gonna give it up!"

"your objective is the ball not the player!" jonatan takes his time correcting her, meanwhile i'm still huddled by aitana who was thankfully on my team.

"hey, what time-" but my question wasn't even worth it anymore.

you could already hear the steps of the guys filling up the bleachers. it doesn't happen often where they come early to our practice but when they do, they wait it out up there.

other times, we run extra time so i wonder who's fault it is today.

"stretch before you leave!" so they're early because our stretches last like ten minutes.

"camile!" i can never tell if it's a good thing when xavi calls me over. "you're not in trouble!" that's good to know.

at least now i wouldn't have to approach him as slow as i was before. i smile on my way and he puts his arms out and i take him in my embrace. "va todo bien? (is everything going good?)"

"como siempre. (like always)"

"at least now you don't have homework to get to." can he not remind me? my first season so happen to be my last year of school and when everyone found out, that's all i heard after every game. "are you here to make fun of me or have an actual conversation with me?"

"i'm just checking in! y que estas haciendo muy bien, hasta mejor. (and that you're doing very good, even better)"

that's always good to hear. i thank him with a smile and he walks away to speak to jonatan.

for a moment on my way back to stretching, i thought i was hearing things.

except i wasn't because pedri and balde cannot whisper for the life of them. "cami! are you ignoring us?!"

"that's exactly what i'm doing."

i wasn't actually but i should've. "wanna hang out soon?" i turn around fully as soon as balde says those words, "i was joking, go stretch." my mouth drops and everyone with them starts to laugh. "i would if you'd stop wasting my time and lying!"

"we can if you want."

"i don't hang out with liars, forget it."

"what about me?" ansu pitches in. "you're okay." i love ansu and balde... but them combined is too much sometimes.

"hi, camile!"

"hi, lewandowski!" i love that whenever i see him he's always so happy to greet me. "we saw your goal when we came in; good stuff."

"porque le mientes? (why do you lie to her?)"

"you're never not jealous, are you?" balde should know when i'm joking but from the looks of it, he took it to heart. "you're never not mean, are you?!"

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