[12] she said that?

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my leg shakes in the cafeteria because i told everyone to come ten minutes early because once it got full, we wouldn't be able to talk about what i have to get out my chest.

my teammates are still working out but i lied and said i was starved so they had to let me out.

it isn't until the doors swing open to the guys coming in, and even xavi following. "i hear this is urgent."

"you told him?!" i question.

"he followed us! and let's make this quick because we left gavi alone with marcos, busi, and jordi. he's gonna notice we all left." yeah especially now that xavi's here.

so i get the idea of texting busquets a quick summary of what's going down and where everyone is and that i'll explain to him and everyone else in there afterwards.

"why are you here anyways?" i ask xavi putting down my phone once i send the text. "soy metiche. (i'm nosey)"

he's so relatable. but nevertheless, i guess i should finally tell them.


i'm still gagged at the fact that it happened. "i was out running errands all morning and found myself at some cafe around. i hardly got recognized by anyone except for the cashier and the last person i expected to see there."

"who?!" god i can't even say her name. cuz seriously, who threatens someone like that?! "gavi's little talking situation!"

this is where they all look at me weird. "what about ana?"

in the nicest way possible, "fuck her!" i finally say. i hate to speak about people like this... sometimes, but right now i mean it. it's probably still the rage but if it's this strong then it's for a reason. "woah, woah, woah. too much, camile." lewandowski warns and xavi agrees from next to him.

"camile wouldn't just say this though. something had to have happened, right?"

"of course something happened!" i'm glad people like kounde and ansu agree. meanwhile everyone is waiting for an explanation or just trying to keep up.

"she asked to speak to me because she was supposed to the day she showed up! it was all to ask if i actually had feelings for gavi," that's not even the worst part. "i told her the reason i actually left was out of my own frustration and she still pushed!"

"pushed how?"

"well i told her i was tired of people acting like he was the only one who won an important award that night and she practically gaslit me into thinking he was still more important like i didn't win the biggest award in europe!"

by now, i had everyone's attention. "i really thought she was gonna stop there because she even apologized but no, i literally got threatened to stay away from gavi!"



all faces drop, including my own.

i don't think anyone has a more recognizable voice than he does. and we all know that because we hold the same expression. "sorry, camile!" busquets whispers loud enough and i slowly turn around to face them all.

from what it looks like, they were trying to get him to come back as they stood behind him.

"can i just ask how much of that you heard?"

i'd like to know too and i'm really thankful xavi's the one asking. "up to the gaslighting part." but i didn't drop a name, so that's all that—"

"good because ana was so wrong for that!"

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