[41] big win

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i'm never rushing myself again.

and gavi better not either.

i gave myself a blow out, did my makeup and had to choose an outfit all in an hour. but apparently i messed up on something when i got a disapproving look from gavi again as i walked out.

"te miras linda pero falta algo. (you look beautiful but theres something missing)" and that would be? my face expression asks for me as he goes back to the couch to hold up his jersey.

"pablo, i don't know." i say flatly, admiring it anyways. "and you don't have to, i just wanted you to have it as an option."

and i appreciated it more than anything, but i don't wanna move too fast knowing more than anything an explanation just as good as his needs to come from me first. "tal vez el próximo. (maybe the next)"

he nods, and it's doing a disgustingly great job of making me think he's really okay with it.


i can't stay upset with camile.

i understand her more than anything and that maybe i was moving too quick with the jersey, but as long as i have her in the back seat on the way to the camp nou, that's all that matters.

it was about to be seven so we made it in time even with all the traffic when my dad parked and almost everyone had gotten there in time too. "voy a recojer a tu mama, llegaremos en tiempo. (i'm gonna pick up your mom, we'll get here on time)"

camile and i to both thank him and get out the same time as he drives off.

before we take off on our own, she goes to ask, "is aurora coming?" which made me smile.

i'm glad to know she's curious about her just as curious and excited as aurora is to know her.

and she will.

i just nod and smile at her as i go for her hand and we go through the entrance where we see sarah there who smiles at us wider than usual.

gladly, she didn't record us which i was grateful for. i knew camile probably wouldn't want it either way.

we go up the steps but remember there are fans behind the doors and the ones on the left are to enter the stadium.

so we stop and go to turn to each other. "good luck and please don't start a fight. you'll do great regardless." i can't help but laugh slightly at the comment in between.

"we'll see."

"pablo, de verdad— (seriously—)"

"no me metere si me estás pidiendo que no. (i won't get in one if you're asking me not to)" i assure her. "tenga cuidado. te miro después (be careful. i'll see you after), pablito."

the new name doesn't fail to surprise me a bit, but i loved it.

it was just enough to lean down for a small kiss to which i was surprised she returned. "gracias, cariño. (thank you, sweetheart)"

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