[56] oh que será?

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we were in the gym at the gamper doing our workouts. these aren't my favorite days because i know we could be outside training but i really didn't mind it today.

if anything, i got through it with a breeze.

the trainers complimented me on their way out to work with the women's team outside so we were left to our own devices. but that really meant we'd all be here for another hour because i seem to be the only one who minds these days.

but today i didn't and joined lewandowski who i know always pushes himself.

it would explain why he was so surprised to see me joining him. "that's new." he says to me and pats me on the back before i get on the treadmill.

i only smile back in return.

"so... i saw camile's posts."

my lips go thin and i'm starting to wonder if it's too early to get off. "i just came here to workout with you."

"then can i join if we're talking about those posts?" out of nowhere, balde got on the one next to me. but it didn't stop at him. "i gotta hear this too." ansu soon joined and some of the others filled the row or stood behind us.

"can we not?" i say trying to hold back a small laugh because although i don't want them to make such a big deal of it, i find it really funny.

"is that camile?!"

"very funny." i say looking out into the out in front of me to the field because i had already fallen for that two times today and it was barely eleven in the morning. "no he's being serious this time."

"i'm not falling for it!"

"hey!" i hear frenkie yell and i feel like he's the only one i can believe.

so i finally turn around just to see camile behind the glass hallway before she awkwardly walked in and stood at the entrance. "sorry, i was asked to bring out the ropes."

we all thought it was weird because she was acting like we've never hung around each other.

yet the reality of it is, nothing much has changed besides the fact that camile is mine.

i find it surreal that i get to say that and it's only been two weeks of us together.

"te los busco. (i'll look for them for you)" busquets went out to the closet where the equipment is when camile was just about to follow if it weren't for pedri standing right in her way. "so how've you been?" he asks so smiley.

"why are you in my way and acting like this?"

"like what?"

"is he on laughing gas or—"

"ignore him, cami." i finally have enough and get off the treadmill to see her. "ignore all of them." i preface once i stand next to her. "let's get you away from them and help busi."

"no! we were just about to ask about how you've been treating her!"

it was too late when i grabbed camile's hand in mine and took the same path as busquets. "has it been like that—"

"all day." we both laugh together but now that we were far from them, i stop us midway and cup her cheek to kiss in the middle of the hall. "como estas, hermosa? (how are you, beautiful?)"

"mejor ahora que te encontré. y tu considerando que estuvieron aquí todo la mañana? (better now that that i've found you. and you considering you guys have been here all morning?)"

even camile knows by now i hate training in the gym. "pues la verdad no ha estado tan mal. (well the truth is it hasn't been that bad)"

"really? that's new. i'm proud of you." she kisses my cheek and i smile down at her before we make the turn and see busquets in the closet just about to get out. "aquí (here), camile."

"eres el mejor, gracias! (you're the best, thank you!)"

"claro, cuanto tiempo estarán afuera? (of course, how much time will you guys be outside?)"

"apenas empezamos como me imagino un buen rato. (we just barely started so i imagine a good amount of time)" just then, busquets turned to me and nodded his head slowly at hearing that. "entonces dígale a gavi que termine sus ejercicios temprano para que salgamos a verte un rato. (then tell gavi to finish his exercises early so we can go out and see you a little)"

"that's definitely some motivation, no?"

it definitely is but i didn't need both of them ganging up on me like that.

"what's the rush, gavi?"

"déjame (leave me alone), jules!"

i don't need them teasing me even more than i already have been today. "she's not going anywhere, goodness." well, they don't completely know that.

plus, i need to make sure i get the best seat in the front.

"i never thought i'd see him like this."

"you suck at whispering, marc." i say just as i prop my feet up on the bar in the front row and my eyes immediately roam for her figure.

it doesn't take long before i find her walking with pina to the next station. "gavi?" lewandowski pulls me out of it really quick though.

i try not to ignore him because i know it bugs him more than anything. "you do notice the change though, right?"


"you!" they all say in sync. "well..."

i trail off and realize how deep i've dug my own hole. camile is absolutely perfect and it's put me in a trance to say the least. i can guarantee much hasn't changed in how we treat each other except for the labels.

but... sometimes i feel like i can't function without seeing her. everything is just ten times better when she's around.

"so you have?" up until now, i hadn't thought about it much, but yeah. "like this sunday, you played amazing."

"and yet we still barely one." i say still annoyed that we could only score once against atletico. "that's not the point! your performance made it all worth it." well not i just feel like i'm being flattered for something.

"she might just be your good luck charm."

"you guys are naming all the upsides like he hasn't been distracted."

"oh leave him alone!"

"look at him right now!" if it weren't for dembélé raising his voice, i wouldn't have thought to look in their direction any longer than i already had if it meant missing another second of camile. "wait, what're we talking about?"

"nothing, you can keep watching your girlfriend."

they really don't have to tell me twice.

ok let's hope i can keep this up for a week

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