[57] dreams

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i love sleeping over at pablo's.

i just hate sleeping. like right now.

it was about midnight and i was tossing and turning. i wasn't tired nor was i stressed about anything so it really bothered me that i simply could not sleep.

i think i was just bored at that point. it happens a lot and when it does... who do i turn to?


unfortunately he's dead asleep. i get jealous of him sometimes knowing he can fall asleep so easily on nights he doesn't have a game before. those nights he keeps me up even after i try to remind him how crucial his sleep is.

after tossing and turning one more time, i decide to just get out of bed to get some water and hope and pray i can try and go to sleep.

on my way back i swear i heard the smallest drops of rain so i go out to the nearest window and as suspected, a storm's approaching.

back in the room, i set my water on what's been established as my bedside table only to see that gavi's hogging the blanket.

he's laid on his side and most of it is touching the floor rather than covering him.

it was a funny sight but that just meant i had to tug on it without waking him up. that seemed impossible because the moment i got a corner of the blanket, he pulled it up more and groaned. but i don't stop because i'm cold and entertained.

maybe then he'll wake up and have an excuse to talk to me. so i grab again and he finally turns over towards me. "que aces? (what're you doing?)"

"you're hogging the whole blanket!"

"no i'm not."

"you are!"

"i'm not!"

"open your eyes and see for yourself." he shakes his head before finally looking down at fact that everything was on his side of the bed. "oh."

"yeah 'oh.'" he smiles lightly at me but i think that's just because i'm a blur to him after he rubbed his eyes. "i can't sleep, pablo."

"what? how come?" he slowly sat up to pick everything up and sat with me. "no se. (i don't know)"

his lips go thin and he turns on the lamp next to him. "esta lloviendo? (it's raining?)" i nod and say i had noticed it on my way back in from getting water. "your hair looks funny." i say and start to pat it down. "i mean i was having a pretty good sleep."

he sure was, and at the mention of it, i start to feel guilty i woke him up. "you can go back. i just wanted some of the blanket back."

"go to sleep with me."

"pero no me entra el sueño (but i can't sleep), pablo."

"then come on, we'll try to go back to sleep together." his right arm snakes around my shoulder to make me lay down with him. "estas preocupada por algo? (are you worried about something?)"

"no, creo que solo estoy aburrida. (no, i think i'm just bored)" i can hear the way he nods against the pillow as i made myself comfortable on his chest, feeling him breathe softly. "hey, besides mexico when we win the league—"

"don't jinx it."

"i'm manifesting it into place. it worked last time," i just know he's smirking like an idiot, "where do you wanna go this summer?"

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