[18] sevilla

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"but they said they were coming out for the clásico." the sight of my friends in the stands have never left me so confused. it was a regular league game, plus if i'm not mistaken, they just got out of practice.

"be grateful you have friends who care." lucy whispers as we all line up.

"yeah but the comments after this are only gonna grill me."

the second half had commenced and both geyse and i scored. aitana assisted me and it was keira who crossed it so beautifully to geyse for us to take the lead.

i was running with the ball when i saw salma in the box and i knew it was the perfect chance.

i won't stand here and lie when i say sevilla's defense was shaky.

it almost made me feel bad when they conceded a third goal and the frustration and agony was plastered on their faces. theres no doubt they can come back, not that i want that since we're leading 3-0, but anything can happen in the last thirty minutes.

we kick off again and it's the same thing over and over, except now we're focusing on defending and holding possession.

if one saw the opportunity, we'd go for it.

like now.

i saw claudia to my right and close enough to pass the ball to her. i knew i had to find an opening now that sevilla was also just as worried to defend. it'd make sense so they wouldn't be able to say they let four goals past them.

but that's what was eventually about to happen. i wasn't close to the box, but i did find myself in the center when she finally passes back.

unfortunately, they're slowly able to press us so when i see a player run for me, i just shoot.

i like to think of these shots as luck.

sometimes. this one wasn't one of them though because i saw that their keeper was far out of the goal so although she wishes she had stayed more far back, it was way too late.

she fell to the ground from backing up attempting to block my shot but it was going so fast and out of her reach that we got our fourth goal.

i go to celebrate in the corner with my friends jumping all around me.

i like my celebration.

well, both of them. ever since i joined and scored my first goal here at barca, i made sure to kiss the badge as a reminder that this club will always be my home and my first love when it came into getting into the sport.

as for the second, i just shrug it off in front of the crowd, almost saying i don't know.

almost as if the goal was too easy for me without being that cocky.

but without wanting to waste more time, i find my way back in the midfield.

see, i love the midfield.

i can see the whole game and although i have enough practice on the wings, i'll always play better here. it's taught me the importance of my decisions especially coming from la masia.

we pride ourselves on that and i couldn't be more proud to showcase that.

the game starts back up though, but the energy isn't as before. the air feels a bit thicker and i think it just might be from the fumes of the sevilla players, showing that they've had enough.

i start to become unsure if i even wanna receive, but that should be the least of my concern when jana passes the ball to me.

i make a run, seeing how far i'll get before i face a blockage. also because i hear jonatan's encouragement to try and find an opening in the front.

but my awareness is yelling at me to just pass, anything to get it out my possession.

though, it felt like i was being watched, and not in the good way.

so i turn back to the direction of the midfield and catch the confused look of jonatan. but what surprises me the most is to see the seats above him filled by gavi and ana.

except it was all of gavi's eyes on me, and ana's on his.

maybe keira was right... but not even the pressure of these players could get me now.

without another thought, i pass back to aitana and she has no problem receiving and taking the run for me... and she would've continued if it weren't for the game stopping.

all for medical staff to attend to me for the sevilla player elbowing me in the back.

"lo que te mereces. (it's what you deserve)" she says as she looks down at me, the same person gripping onto their lower back and banging on the grass from how much it hurt. it doesn't help that it happened so quickly that i couldn't hear her running up from the back to try to stop it. "que te pasa, idiota?! (what's wrong with you, idiot?!)"

aitana's voice is hovering above me and i hear it escalate.

except i can't worry about that.

i can't worry about anything.

everything in mind is how bad it could be, and if i'll be alright within a matter of days... at least i hope i'll be. "saca la camilla. (get the stretcher out)" i barely hear as i squint my eyes tighter than before.

"hey, you're gonna be okay. alright, cami?!"

"alright but i don't know if i believe you, lucy." i say in between sobs. except now it's actually from the pain.

i'm lifted up seconds later and like that, the breeze follows us in and i can only hope and pray for two things:

that i'm all well within a week and it's minor.

... and that my parents aren't watching, specifically, my mom.

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