[14] see you again

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"alejandro balde martinez. contesta la puerta antes que— (answer the door before i—)"

"estoy bajando! (i'm coming down!)" ever since he got that ring camera, i've been relentlessly. i always love to leave little message before i go and i love to make sure it's recording before i knock just to wave or annoy him just so he can yell through the app on his phone.

i see his shadow behind the door when it opens up and he realizes it was raining and immediately pulls me in. "shit i didn't know it was raining. sorry, cami."

"no don't worry about it." i tell him and he takes my jacket to hang it up and the tray of food i brought.

"you made empanadas?!" i nod and he goes to run and put them in the kitchen.

"so, you're all ready to go, huh?"

they only came back to finish two league games. now that that's over... it's off to qatar and off to the world cup. "god i can't wait to see you debut." i tell him as i look back up at him from his suitcases. "i wish you could come."

i have a friendly in germany next week, just two days before the first day of the competition. "i still have my league games, remember?"

"yeah but we need you there!"

we get interrupted when another knock comes from behind me. i get to it fast to see pedri and ansu with their own suitcases. "i almost forgot you guys were all gonna get picked up from here tomorrow morning."

"sleepover!" pedri yells excitedly. of course he's the only one looking forward to this. "pero no estés roncando. (but don't snore)"

"i can't help it." pedri says in defense.

but i've heard him snore so i get where ansu's coming from. balde's phone vibrates from next to me while the rest of us go to the kitchen. "gavi says he might be a little late because ferran's stuck in traffic." no wonder i was surprised to see pedri show up without him. i shrug it off and suggest them to eat because it's already seven.

"you made us food?!"

"just a little something." but i did make chopped vegetables and rice on the side. "yeah i'm not waiting." pedri says and balde helps me get plates and utensils out. "so, you guys excited?"

"i'm freaking out a little."

"what, why?!"

"well believe it or not, someone of us weren't called up at fifteen to go play our first world cup."

"i started like three times and was benched most of the time!" i remind them. but at least i start now. "give us some advice, we need it!" i wish i could but i also remember being just as nervous.

but i don't say anything and just slide a plate of food for each of them their way. "come on, cami!"

"okay listen, go into this with the mentality of leaving with nothing but the trophy." every time i started, i tried to prove to everyone that their decision to bring me out was the right one. so although i didn't get much time, i made everything of it. "plus, lucho's your coach. you guys will be just fine."

i'll be cheering them on from here, that's for sure.

ansu was about to say something if it weren't for the front door lock wiggling. "i thought i told you not to hide a key around!" i turn back to look at balde. "shh!"

but it's obvious it's ferran and gavi.

"tienes que ser un tonto para esconder una llave debajo de una planta. (you have to be an idiot to hide a key under a plant)"

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