[13] real talk

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i finally had the time of day to call everyone.

so i opened my laptop as i got into bed after cleaning my kitchen and hitting facetime on the groupchat with my teammates. i gave them a brief overview of what'd i tell them so if they're so interested, they'd pick up.

"i was waiting around all evening for this call!" i laugh at lucy and slowly everyone joins the call.

"what're you drinking, camile?"

"tea." i say because although i prefer my coffee, it felt like a tea-drinking night. "it better be earl grey." lucy warns and i nod signaling to the string because she was the one who brought this back from england.

"ya díganos (tell us already), camile!"

right right. "well firstly for context, y'know gavi has a little talking-thing?"

"that makes sense." alexia says as i also see her accommodate herself on her couch. "yeah considering how many people want him, i'm not surprised."

then suddenly i remember something and crack up on the spot.

"um, camile?!" my head dips all the way back to my head board at the sound of claudia calling for me.

i just so happen to remember that one of those many people includes salma who hasn't said anything. "i'm sorry, ignore that!" now i have to try my hardest to get back on topic. "anyways, did any of you see a girl in the stands before we started training a few days ago. well that's her."

"como que lo había visto antes. (i feel like i've seen her before)"

"what?" irene's comment caught me off guard. "yeah on tuesday." my brows have never furrowed faster, nor has my mouth dropped that fast and it's crazy to think considering this whole week was worth the jaw drop.

"where?!" geyse asks for us. "around the gamper, where else?!"

"when you were coming in for training?!"

"yeah!" suddenly a scream erupts within the call and i slap my hand over my mouth. "and when did she talk to you, camile?!"

"wednesday!" i didn't realize how fast the week was going. i was kind of dreading it for another reason, too. but now this is the only thing on my mind. "so she really was waiting to stop to talk to you."

"but you haven't told us about what she told you!"

"basically," before we get more off track... "she'd been wanting to speak to me that day about there being possible feelings towards gavi."

"entonces está celosa?! (so she's jealous?!)"

i know i've already wished her a big 'fuck you;' maybe not directly, but i did... but that was the last conclusion i wanted to get to. "i'd say insecure." my eye widen in surprise of keira's choice of words. "jeez, keira!" even lucy noticed it. "well do you think so, cami?!"

"i—i couldn't tell you." especially because i said i wouldn't let her get to me any further.

"puedo decir algo? (can i say something?)" it's alexia who catches all our attention and proceeds. "i kinda think keira's right."

my heart dropped to my ass for ana.

if alexia putellas called me insecure, i'd never be able to live another day. which is why now more than ever do i hope she never comes near alexia. "you guys make it so hard to at least try and be a good person."

"you try?!"

"hey!" granted, i have said worse. "well i'm trying now." people can change too, y'know?

"what else did she tell you?"

we were getting carried away when that wasn't even the main point. "she told me to stay away from him... well, distance myself."

"yeah, keira's right." alexia finally establishes. "i agree!"

"me too!" and slowly everyone else on call does. "is this really who we are?!" i can't help the smile on my face because i also can't lie and say it's not the tiniest bit of funny. "we're your friends and teammates. of course this is who we are if it means backing you up!"

yeah now i really can't hold back my smile. except now it's because they always know how to make me feel safe and never alone.

i truly could've never asked to be in a better club with the best players and friends in the whole world. which is why i also don't feel as bad anymore.

"did i mention she told me gavi deserved to receive more questions than i did because he won two awards that night."

"ahora de verdad no me gusta está chica. (now i really don't like this girl)"

jana had been listening intently but finally chose to say something now that everything was out there. her response was worth the wait, though. "don't worry, me either." i finally say.

at least now i have a group of people to be vocal about it to.

"wait so this is what you told the guys that day you excused yourself?"

i nod and everyone comes to an understanding.

"and what did they say?" now thinking about it, they didn't say much. "it was hard to tell. i don't even know what they would've said because at the end of the day, they're still friends with gavi." i can't blame them for wanting to take their teammate's side.

"oh and gavi found out."

"what!" god this is gonna be a way longer call than i expected.

"all you guys need to know about that is that i really am gonna distance myself."

"you're giving into her threat?!" i hate to think of it that way. "i'm doing it for the both of us. he felt sorry enough so i figured i'd go through with it!"

it's like i told him, all this wouldn't have happened if it weren't for the media. "and you're okay with this?"

"i don't even know him. i'm fine with it."

"and here i was hoping you guys would become friends."


"forget it because it's not like it's gonna happen." alexia tells us.

i'm glad i don't celebrate thanksgiving, it's the worst holiday for a picky eater

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