[39] daylight

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nope, couldn't do it.

it's been days since aurora sat me down to talk out my feelings and now i was sat in my living room debating on calling her the night before the clásico.

it was an important game but this feels more important.

i don't think i'll sleep if i don't try with camile.

so without thinking twice, i got up, changed out of my sweats and called an uber as i was putting on my shoes.

this can't get any worse... but knowing me, i'll probably find a way to make it worse. but i shouldn't go over with that mentality.

i should show up and tell her everything she deserves to hear.


the music was all the way up in my apartment, dancing to 'i think he knows' as i chopped my strawberries for fresas con crema.

"he got my heartbeat.. skipping down sixteen avenue!"

it's times like these where i'm so grateful to live alone. my parents would've yelled at me to turn it down by now but because that isn't the case, i turn it up more as i pop open the condensed milk.

i was making a big batch for my friends and my team.

they love when i make it and the strawberries at the market were at a good price to bring home.

i decided that if my friends win tomorrow they deserve a small treat. this was that. i started to think about how nervous they could be because i mean, it's a clásico and xavi's counting on them.

if they take the lead tomorrow, the second leg shouldn't be so bad, right?

i don't get to think on it too much when i hear a knock, though.

in that moment, i don't think i've ever froze so fast.

my first instinct was to check the time because i know it was way too late, so who would be here? secondly, it was storming outside. theres no way someone would show up. other possibilities of it being maintenance or my neighbors downstairs come in mind.

well, they would've if it weren't for another knock.

they aren't aggressive which makes me calm down a little, but not enough as i make my way to the door with the knife i was using to cut up my strawberries just now.

i go to check the peep hole but because i was too lazy to take in the letter the building put out earlier, it was useless.

i kept telling myself i'm not afraid but i was the same girl holding a knife at 11:27 PM with daylight by taylor playing in the background with a shaky hand reaching for the knob.

whatever happens... happens.

i unlock the top and turn the knob only to open it wide enough to see gavi soaked.

"what the—" he didn't cut me off. i cut myself off.

i was at lost for words to see him. like this, this late, and with his look of instant despair that anyone could tell.

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