[11] warnings

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to think i'd have a free day even though i thought i'd ran every errand i could after ever practice was really funny of me. but that's all i've been doing since eight in the morning, taking train to train around the city to my appointments.

most of which consisted of me dropping who knows how much money.

but i keep telling myself that if i buy a coffee, it'll help me forget about how much i already spent.

so that's what i'm on my way to do.

i located a cafe is around a shopping center but honestly, i wasn't even about to look at the center as much as it hurt.

so i go in to feel welcomed by the chime as i go and read the menu.

there were tons of options but i was craving a simple croissant and a cortado. so by the time it's my turn, the chime was no longer the only thing that made me feel welcomed. "camile santana? es tu?! (is it you?!)"

i smile politely at the worker who looks around my age and nod subtly. "no lo puedo creer, mis hermanos y yo amamos a barca. (i can't believe it, my brothers and i love barca)" that's all one could ever hope for. "puedo tener su autógrafo? (may i have your autograph?)"

"claro que si. (of course)" it seemed like she wasn't really prepared and gave me a notepad and a pen.

what got me was that it was a barca pen.

"me gusta su lapicero. (i like your pen)" i tell her and we both laugh softly. "muchísimas gracias, como te puedo ayudar hoy? (thank you so much, how can i help you today?)"

"me gustaría un croissant y un café cortado. (i'd like a croissant and a cortado coffee)"

"solamente? (that's all?)"

"si por favor. (yes please)" i pay with card and she gives me my receipt, saying it'll be delivered to whichever table i go to. i make sure to tip her for being so kind and find my way to a nice a quiet corner because it's a monday and hardly anyone is here.

i take my sweater off and accommodate myself as i scroll on my phone for a while.

except my feed only involved pique.

his next game is his last and people are posting highlights of him from the years. theres no doubt he'll be missed, even by me, but that doesn't mean i'll let what happened to my musical idol slide.

my mom loved shakira, she still does.

which is why when she found out the truth, she stopped watching games and only sticks to watching mine. i called her a few days ago asking if she'd reconsider now that he's retiring and she agreed within two seconds.

it was kinda funny because she mentioned how badly she missed watching her childhood club too.

"con permiso, pero eres camile santana? (excuse me, but are you camile santana?)"

i love meeting fans, but i always have to hide when they startle me badly... like right now. but i pick my head up to see who the voice belongs to when i realize this might just not be a fan after all. "si, y tu eres? (yes, and you are?)"

except i know exactly who she is.

not just from the party, but from her surprise appearance at training last week. "ana pelayo, gusto. (pleasure)"

she sticks her hand out and because i have no reason to reject it, i take it with a warm smile. "may i sit with you for a second?" just like that, i was right over the guys' assumption.

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