[49] sunshine

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wherever i am, and whoever's bed and bedroom i'm in right now really needs to invest in black out curtains because the sun hasn't shined this bright in barcelona in what feels like forever.

we have the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises.

though, i'd appreciate it more if it didn't wake me.

especially when i finally caught onto where i was.

i was only ever in here when i was cleaning it out. since then, i can tell there was a change and i'm glad that day inspired gavi to do... more.

i'd had enough of the sun and turned towards the middle of the bed when i saw a sleeping gavi with his messy brown hair in his eyes. at least that's what i noticed first till i let my eyes wander and realized he also didn't have a shirt.

about now i regret saying he needs black our curtains.

the sun was hitting him directly to the point where his skin looked flawless in the sun and i was brought at peace knowing he was sleeping soundly.

it had been a moment of me staring when his right arm threw itself over my waist and he brought me in closer to him.

there was no way he was doing this in his sleep.



"gavi!" my excitement in knowing he was awake even surprised me. "were you waiting for me to wake up?" he asks, pulling the blanket over us. "sorta. i just woke up myself." i admit.

he may be awake but his eyes have yet to open. "why is it so bright in here?" he goes to ask and rubs his eyes aggressively. "don't do that." i say and pull his wrists down.

"i like seeing the colors though."

"y'know how the side of your eye is always red?" i ask, reminding him of how many times he's popped a vessel doing that. "yeah?"

"exactly." he laughs slightly in my face and finally opens his eyes. "te miras linda. (you look beautiful)"

"this would mean so much if your breath didn't smell." i tease. "like yours doesn't?!"

"the switch up was crazy." i laugh in his face and he rolled his eyes till he had enough and grabbed the back of my head to pull in for a kiss. "dormiste bien? (did you sleep well?)" i ask in between kisses.

"como no si estuvieses a mi lado. (how could i not if you were by my side)"

by now he had me smiling ear to ear. "i'm glad to hear, pablo."

we stayed there for a little while. the comfort in him stroking my hair and bringing me closer to his chest made me not wanna get up. plus, we couldn't stop talking about last night.

at the camp and our little celebratory dinner here with his parents aurora, and javi. "y'know, i'm pretty sure my parents know and we didn't have to say a thing."

no, really?! "right because you totally didn't kiss my cheek right in front of them after the toast."

at least one set of parents know.

"holy shit." i say and get up in an instant and turn to my side of the bedside table to grab my phone because i just reminded myself of my own parents. "que paso?! (what happened?!)" his voice sounded worried and honestly, it should he when i see the texts from my parents.

"eight missed calls and i don't know how many messages from each because i forgot to text them where i'd be."

most of all, whether or not i'd return home where they may not be waiting due to living separately, but where they expected me to be.

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