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because we won yesterday, we had the day off so i did the one thing i've been putting off.

it consisted of having to ask aurora for the address of gavi's new place.

i figured i could go but then i remembered he's at practice and i have no way of getting in.

or so i thought.

a few minutes ago aurora dropped off a spare key and i took that as my sign to just go. but i knew i couldn't go empty handed and just as she gave me the key, she told me to not be surprised at how depressing it is in there.

so i took that as another sign to go house shopping. i got so many stuff that i'd set up just before he got home. mostly the essentials like a rug and hangers he can install himself because that's not my forte.

i don't imagine it's his either as a footballer but one can hope and pray as the driver dropped me off at the building.

it was really nice and i walked right in and pressed for the sixth floor.

no one came out when the doors opened so i went right in lugging my bags when i made it to his floor.

the hallways were really nice and i tried to look for the number of his door when i found it at the end of the hall away from the others which was very similar to my own place. so i put the key and and swung the door open when it was just like aurora mentioned.

i don't know how he's been here for a month and not gotten sad at just looking at the place.

now this was my forte. interior decorating was something i always found to be so fun, especially when i moved into my own apartment just last year. so i quickly began knowing he'd be home in about an hour.

i also bought food because i didn't imagine him having many pots and pans to work with.

and i was right when i opened the cabinets.

"all these plates and glasses yet nothing to be served." i whisper and close them back up and figure i can start on the kitchen.

i got him a fruit basket for the island, salt and paper shakers, utensil holders, and even some magnets for the fridge.

it definitely lifted the spirits in here and i made my way to the entrance where i got out the coat rack and wall decorations to add later.

he already had a gold mirror up so there wasn't much i could do there till i got to the living room.

i got stuff for the coffee table and throw pillows and started to get amazed at how well the place was coming together and at the fact that he couldn't think of doing this himself.

i seriously don't understand him sometimes.

as more time went by, i cleaned the place a little and took out trash he hasn't when i came back to an even cleaner apartment than the one i walked into.

i hope he—

"HOLY SHIT." i admired my own work so much that i hadn't heard the door unlock when gavi came from behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

i only knew it was him when he loosened me a bit and i turned around to look up at his big eyes. "why would you scare me like that?!" i ask, slapping his arms off me. "why would you break into my house is a better question." he asks with a sly smile on his face and tries to get closer to me.

"to scare you." i originally planned to jump out from somewhere which is why i was even more upset for him ruining my surprise.

or scare. "te gane, ahora vente. (i beat you to it, now come here)"

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