[46] sweet

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gavi and i were waiting at the front door when my parents blew me a kiss and pulled out of lewandowski's driveway.

just as gavi was about to knock again, the door swung open to a lewandowski in a full on suit.

"is it possible that we're underdressed?" i ask and go to look at our outfits again. i thought we were on theme when we were in the car but now i was in doubt. "you guys look fine, come in already!" except we possibly don't but all i can do is hope and pray i look decent enough for everyone here.

we're led to the big dining room when he makes a comment on the way. "good of you to show up together."

"mhm." i just barely say.

i could've gotten away with it if gavi hadn't laughed quietly. lewandowski eventually looked back but it was too late to question us when we walked into everyone get up for us. "mira quien es! (look who it is!)"


"um gavi's here to." no one failed to laugh at ansu when he completely ignored gavi as a joke.

but when he came up to us, he was sure to clear it up and brought us both into a hug. "our new six and ten, huh?"

"yeah and now we're matching!"

we've been best friends forever. i'm so happy we get to have something thats ours and ours only. "true but this is about both your number changes, so come here." he lets go of me to manhandles gavi and i get the chance to say hi to everyone else.

"my hair!" i hear behind us mid hug with mikky.

"i'm so happy for you, cami." she says and grips me just as hard as the first time. "got you a little something by the way." my brows furrow when i feel her hand reach for mine and place the smallest bag in it. "mikky, no—"

"i think you mean yes! you deserve it!"

"forever grateful for you." i say in a huff and bring her into another tight hug. "not as grateful as i am for you." i'd argue with her but anna advises us to take a seat and my name was already being called from one side of the room.

"sit with me!" i get told by kounde. "no with us!"

and there goes balde.

but i was bound to find my seat by gavi who ended up being around balde anyways. "she likes me more!"

"nice whispering, ale." i tell him after he tried to get at kounde.

in a matter of seconds, we saw lewandowski in mittens carrying out a whole turkey. "you're not serious." i whisper to gavi who had the biggest smile on his face at my reaction. "been cooking all day."

"oh we can tell." everyone says just as shocked as i was. "i have some words for the two before we can cut it open, though."

with his mittens thrown to the side, he stands proud at the end of the table with a smug smile and we both lean in to get a good look at him.

"you've got big shoes to fill. it's no pressure, but just a reminder that these are your forever numbers. make your own legacy and name. i know you two will."

it felt like the room was hit with a struck and it takes us all a moment to clap at his beautiful words, but jordi was the one to insinuate it and we all followed along.

"we appreciate you guys so much. thank you." i say and gavi followed. "seriously, thank you."

"anything for you guys." anna joins in and with that, we all start to get served by the two in these plates filled with the usual thanksgiving meal back home.

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