Destined For the King by CHIXAAA_
Destined For the Kingby CHIXAAA_
"Time is up, I AM CLAIMING WHAT IS MINE!" His voiced shattered throughout the entire tower. He has found me and claiming what is his; me. "Sire please, sh...
  • sexualcontent
  • romance
  • italy
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Little Miss Sunshine by madhatterm
Little Miss Sunshineby Madissen
I walk into the kitchen when suddenly I'm grabbed from behind. "Hey beautiful, what's your name?" A voice asks huskily. I take a shaky breath and answer quie...
  • london
  • teen-fiction
  • dorm
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Hostiles (BWWM) *REWRITE* by HathorRao
Hostiles (BWWM) *REWRITE*by ElachiRavora
Five years and eighty two days, that was how long it had been since she left him. Greek Tycoon Dionysius Plutarch has endlessly plotted and planned his revenge on the wo...
  • slowpaced
  • betrayal
  • african
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THE FILTHY GOLDEN by rottenlyrosy
the marbot family are of old french nobility, sun-kissed and wealthy and glamorous. every summer they return to their home in the french riviera to attend lavish parties...
  • richkids
  • teen
  • mystery
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The Next Step BRYLES Show The World 2 by InesTNS27
The Next Step BRYLES Show The InesTNS27
Sequel of THE NEXT STEP BRYLES SHOW THE WORLD In this book we'll follow our ship, Richelle and Noah (aka Bryles) in their first tour all around the world with the World...
  • showtheworld
  • love
  • noah
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Getting Through Italy by tessa-x
Getting Through Italyby Tessa Lovatt
Italy: home of pizza, pasta and prosecco. It will also be Isobel Smith's home for the next year as she embarks on her Erasmus placement in Bologna. What she soon discove...
  • university
  • italy
  • relationship
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DOLCE VITA ▸  M. BARTRA ✓ by bartrugh
dol·ce vi·ta /dōlCHā ˈvēdə/ Italian, literally 'sweet life.' or 'good life' --a life of heedless pleasure and luxury. It's all fun and games, until somebody fal...
  • leo
  • messi
  • fanfic
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The Babysitter by queenschreave23
The Babysitterby Lee Davee
Lexi is finishing up high school and needs extra money for the trip of her dreams and what better job is there than babysitting? What happens when she shows up for her f...
  • relationship
  • drama
  • babe
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Volatile ✓ TCS #1 by Avylinn
Volatile ✓ TCS #1by Avylinn Winter
//Like a depressed moth drawn to a wild flame, Chris hoped that flame would brighten his life, not burn him alive.// Chris Sinclair fades into a gray world after losin...
  • violin
  • concert
  • wattys2015
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Neither Lady nor Pirate (Complete) by sophie9630
Neither Lady nor Pirate (Complete)by Sophie
Abbie has never been what one would call a typical lady. Trying to keep up with England's rich and powerful is far too much work, and Abbie has never enjoyed the endles...
  • adventure
  • wattys2017
  • pirates
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Footballer Imagines by WestCoast14
Footballer Imaginesby Maggie ✨
Requests are closed!
  • europe
  • bundesliga
  • league
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Voltron superhero au!!! by spacemullet1
Voltron superhero au!!!by spacemullet1
This is for my friend! I had an urge to write fanfiction after being abused by season five edited: heh back when I thought SEASON five was abusive. I never even cried u...
  • fluff
  • keith
  • hunk
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C U R E by seaweedismine
C U R Eby Anna
After failing many medications to save her life, Enna moves with her rogue werewolf family to Europe, traveling inside strong packs is no risk for them just so they can...
  • dying
  • sick
  • girlxboy
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Out of the Shadows by belongstoDisney
Out of the Shadowsby uGHHh
Germany's life is everything he could ever ask for. He has a gorgeous wife, a marvelous daughter and the best friends this world can offer! But as time passes, new probl...
  • nazi
  • countryhumans
  • europe
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Royal Blood | Francis Valois  by vo1dstiles
Royal Blood | Francis Valois by vo1dstiles
"Nothing, not even the royal blood that coursed through their veins, could ever stop the affectionate feelings the two royals had for each other." [COMPLETED] ...
  • princess
  • projectexpressyou
  • queen
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Hetalia Headcanons by EternallyInvisible
Hetalia Headcanonsby Lule
A headcanons book that was created for both canon and fanon Hetalia characters! REQUESTS AND SUGGESTIONS ARE CLOSED! DISCLAIMER All of the canon characters belong to Hi...
  • northamerica
  • hetalia
  • southamerica
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Missing Martha by esemce
Missing Marthaby ESEMCE
After the tragic murder of his four-year-old daughter, Martin McCafferson tries to get on with his life as a music teacher, but as he and five of his students who had fo...
  • music
  • romance
  • high
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Antoine Griezmann Imagines  by piamiaxx
Antoine Griezmann Imagines by Rabiot
I do not take any credit for the stories, all credit goes to the wonderful writers out there.
  • france
  • europe
  • antoinegriezmann
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The Devil's Daughter by CHIXAAA_
The Devil's Daughterby CHIXAAA_
"I'll let you go tonight Amore, despite your lies. I've decided to stay in town for a while longer so I am...positive that we'll be together again. Goodnight, Adrie...
  • bwwm
  • leader
  • marriage
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Covert Love (Book One in the Covert Operations series) by DelaneyBrenna
Covert Love (Book One in the Delaney Brenna
Melanie Clarke was ready for the world. Whatever it wanted to throw at her, let it come. With years of covert operations training under her belt and ready to start a n...
  • operations
  • covert
  • terrorist
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