[10] suspisions

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"quieres algo de comer? (want something to eat?)" pedri asks as we enter the kitchen to his place. "no gracias. (no thanks)" i respond back knowing exactly why i'm here.

"gavi, you're here?" from around the corner, we hear fernando's voice as he entered the kitchen too. "como te va? (how's it going?)" i dap him up and he brings me in for a hug and shrugs off my question. "como siempre. (like always)"

better than nothing.

we all sit on their island when pedri gave me a glass of water anyways.

we have an evening training today before our game tomorrow. "isn't camile playing right now?"

well, it's saturday so i'd assume. "go to dazn." pedri orders fernando and he has no problem going to the couch and turning on the tv as we watch him all excited. "he still wishes she was older for him?" i ask, turning back to pedri.

pedri would've answered if fernando didn't beat him to it, though. "everyday!"

but we all knew that.

"you were right, she is." all our attention goes back to the screen. it just so happens that the game is at a pause and we see as medical staff get on the pitch.

"i wonder who—"

"oh my god." pedri whispers when the camera angle changed and we saw camile just waiting there with a bloody nose. "how did that happen?!"

"it looks bad." i say but if anything, she looks more upset than physically hurt. "you think they'll show a replay?" pedri suggests.

"they better."

a few minutes go by until camile finally has assistance and a side screen pops up on the right where the replay the moment it happens. "como que no es roja?! (what do you mean it's not a red?!)"

i only furrow my eyebrows even more in total agreement with fernando. "she's already on a yellow too!" pedri yells.

not only did the athletic club player pull her shirt, but she elbowed her in the face on purpose immediately after. "there's no way the ref didn't see that."

"maybe they'll check var." i suggest.

more minutes go by and from what it looks like, camile can still play. well, she's insisting on playing. "well yeah it's the last twenty minutes and they're still tied." we all watch closer as she picks herself up after rejecting the hands around her.

"anyways," while pedri wants to get back on topic and fernando puts the volume down for this, i watch as the camera only follows her back.


but the moment ended and i'm turning the stool to face him again.

"what was up with ana on thursday just showing up?"

"wait she showed up to your practice?" fernando didn't have a care unless camile was on screen, which is why he got up just to lean on the island with us. "i was just as confused, pedri."

it was nothing but the truth.

"but you talked, que te dijo? (what'd she tell you?)" i can't believe i was about to recite this. "she—" god i hate this already, "tuvo sospechas de mi respuesta sobre camile. como llego a verlo ella mismo. (she had suspicions over my answer about camile. so she came to see herself)"

"oh this chick is insane."

"que carajo (what the fuck), fernando?!"

"i was gonna say something similar." my attention goes back to pedri with a betrayed look as if they were talking about some other girl and not the girl i've been talking to for weeks. "sorry but that's just not something you do!"

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