[42] starry eyes

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"i'm here, i'm here!" and definitely not late.

out of pure luck, jonatan wasn't even out yet so you think i'd be off the hook, till i found out i wasn't.

"oh camile!" my head snaps to the direction my name is called from just to jump at the sight of everyone. "what're you guys—"

"we just got done in the gym so we're cooling down out here and watching you guys."

lewandowski was nice for the run down.

but that doesn't help how flustered and slightly embarrassed i am to be late.

i was even struggling to put on my sweater. "need help?" my head finally got through when raphinha asked and everyone only laughed. "you guys suck."

"you sure you wanna say that when you're the late one and we can easily tell jonatan?"

"please don't!" they're such snitches. it's like they've never heard of the saying. "then go stretch and stop talking to us." my mouth dangles open in offense to frenkie's comment. "as if you guys didn't call for me!"

"not true. we just said your name, not to come over here."

"same thing!" while they laughed, i let my eyes roam and saw gavi sitting about two rows behind everyone with pedri to his left and dembélé to his right.

just one row below were ansu and balde.

"camile, go stretch!" but my eyes found my way back to his just before i got yelled at by lewandowski. "quite the bossy man." i whisper before i leave. "i heard that!"

"it was meant for you to hear!" i yell back without turning around and my friends all come up to me.

"there she is." they say but i try to move aside to stretch.

"how come you didn't answer any of us yesterday?"

"kiera, we said we were gonna give it a sec." fridolina whispers loud and i get up from a toe touch to look at them weird. "give what a sec?" it followed up with a weird look i gave them and they all gave each other one back.

"can someone explain?"

but no one would. until...

"is it true you're going out with bellingham?"

"WHAT?!" my voice literally echoed through the pitch but it had every right. "so she's not!"

"we don't know that for sure."

"did you not just see her reaction?"

"CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN?!" whatever look they kept giving each other was starting to make me upset. but what we all hadn't realized is salma was gone for a good minute till she was making her way back to us with her phone in hand.

"léelo. (read it)"

"Could Jude Bellingham Have Revealed His Secret Relationship with FC Barcelona's Camile Santana This Weekend in an Interview?"

"oh my—"

"days." i was shaking my head and gave back the phone without wanting to read anymore. "just give me a brief summary i can't do this."

"he basically said you were a very special girl and very dear to him. he either said that because he wants you to catch the hint, or he meant it in a you as a player." it better be that way in the first place. "when was this published anyways?"

"yesterday while you were at the game."

"which speaking of—"

"why're we huddled up? let's start!" all eyes widen at jonatan's voice and that's salma's sign to go put her phone away.

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