[52] almost official

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"i feel bad for the cleaning staff who have to pick up our mess."

"their mess." i remind camile as we walk through the doors of my place as we finally got home from training. pedri was nice enough to offer us a ride but i think that was so he could bombard us with questions of his own.

"he's so funny."

camile didn't see the way i rolled my eyes, but she did hear when i sucked my teeth and went "i'm funnier," because i am. "are you irritated?"

"no i'm just reminding you that i'll always be the funniest person in your life." as i start to approach her, she bursts out laughing. "and thank you for proving my point," i say and lean forward to kiss her forehead.

"now let's talk."

i couldn't not bring camile over after her words in the hallway.

they worried me a bit because i thought there was already a problem between us and that's the last thing i want. especially after the lecture i got from aurora when i told her camile and i were official.

"what are we gavi?"


with panic in both our eyes, we look at each other as she's leaned on the island and i'm leaned against the counter, or at least i was before my posture fixed up... and quick at her words.

"i just... god, i don't even know what i'm trying to say right now!"

"hey," i start and reach for her hands the moment i see her head drop. "mírame cuando te digo que no tienes por que sentir que no me puedes decir nada. (look at me when i tell you that you don't have to feel like you can't tell me anything)"

i know i've been around camile too long when i can sense her whole tone shift.

i'm glad i was able to reason with her without her telling me. "y'know how we told our parents about us this weekend?"

how could i not? their reactions meant everything to me especially when they said they already really liked her, but i totally forgot to ask how hers felt.

so i just nod my head trying to seem calm so that maybe it'll calm her. "i said something that got me overthinking when i was trying to explain."

"and what was that?"

"i spat out that we were dating and immediately took it back when i remembered that the night at the camp was just a confession and not—"

"camile!" i immediately stop her because this is why i wanted to talk. "we are dating. and you're right. the night at the camp was the confession i was waiting for that i totally forgot to... well, ask you out on a real date."

i can't wait any longer.

i waited for her before but now that i have her here now, it's only right for me to take her on an actual date and pop the question there.

and not the question, but the girlfriend-boyfriend question.


a smile slowly creeps onto both of our faces as i squeeze her hands a little tighter. "por eso quise hablar contigo (that's why i wanted to talk to you)... to ask you on a date. an actual one."

sure we've hung out, but this time i'm seeing camile as so much more that it's a whole different feeling around her.

"really?" i hum and nod in response and i start to feel a little better when i know she is when a smile starts to form on her own face. "me gustaría salir contigo, pablo. (i'd like to go out with you, pablo)"

"gustaría? (like?)"

"entonces me encantaría! (then i'd love to!)"

"mucho mejor, amor. (much better, love)"

i lean down to kiss her and hold her face because although we're almost together every day, it's not really her thing to be affectionate with me around her teammates.

it's none of my business if she ever comes around to it because i'll respect it, but it makes me miss her tons.

but i pull away just for a moment to ask, "is that all or was there something else on your mind?"

"one more thing since we're here," she begins and i'm glad i even asked. "did you ever stock the fridge?"

of course.

"yes which is why we're making dinner tonight."


"okay but i have to still be there to make sure you don't burn down my kitchen!"

short but sweet

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