[15] uswnt cameo

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"la la, la la la la, la la."

"you have an awful voice, cami."

"what the fuck, soph." we were on the bus ride back to our hotel after our 2-1 win against germany. "oh come on, she's celebrating her brace!" see, pinoe gets it.

i look up at them seeing as i took up a whole row to stretch my legs and they both took the ones in front and behind me. "excited to go back home?"

"you were sitting next to pinoe the whole time?!"

how did i not see alex? "yes we literally made eye contact through the gap here like twice already!" to be honest it wasn't even on purpose. "anyways, yeah i can't wait to get back to barcelona." i know i've only been gone for five days, but that's still far too long for me. "don't you have a champions league game in a week?"

i hate that they brought it up because now i actually have to break the news to them.

"why do you think i'm getting in a taxi when we get back to the hotel to go to the airport tonight?"

they, on the other hand, have a flight for nine in the morning tomorrow.


"what time's your flight?!" i don't know where trinity came from but she hovered over in the seat next to sophia. "at midnight."

it's currently ten and i'm packed so i'm just gonna stall in my room. "but we were supposed to go to the breakfast place down the street!"

i was actually looking forward to that too. "i know! but we have an evening session tomorrow and i wanna be able to sleep all day to be energized for it."

we're going against bayern so i have time make sure i'm fit for it.

"do you ever catch a break?"

well, not really. but it's for the club i love the most so it's worth it. "at least christmas is coming soon!" i love pinoe, she loves to lighten the mood. "what're everyone's plans?"

"i wanna go to japan." that's new. "how come?" i ask pinoe. "dude it's japan. who wouldn't wanna go during the happiest times of the year?" yeah, she's got a good point. "i might go to maine."

"and what? get snowed in? there are better places to go." i tell naomi who i didn't even know was across from us. "and go where? rat infested new york where you grew up?"

"it wasn't as bad when i was a kid!" i'm lying, it's always been bad.

but at least they drop the ball on new years.

i remember my dad dropping my hand once when i was four as we were trying to get through and someone pushed me over so i started crying over the fact that i fell into a puddle and that i had literally lost my parents in the last place a kid there would wanna get lost.

they found like like two minutes later though.

"yeah new york doesn't seem so bad for the holidays!" well, it depends where you spend it, that's for sure.

"anyways." i say to change the topic.

"yeah anyways. do you guys want a haul of the stuff i got at the gift shop next to the hotel before we got on the bus?!"

"you actually went, rose?!" we were late to leave because we couldn't find her for ten minutes and when she did get on she wouldn't tell us where she went. "yes now make room." she shoved my legs off the seat and laid the tray out while the rest of us looked at each other in disbelief.

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