[23] out and about

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i was bound to miss that clásico. i'm better now but i wish i was better last week.

although i was out and training again, i had one more check up at the hospital in about an hour so i was rushing knowing the uber was minutes away. i grabbed my purse that was on the table and made sure i had everything one last time before swiftly running to the door to leave already.

i hate rushing myself but it's my fault. i woke up a little later than i should've.

i swung the door open while scavenging for my key to lock it.

well, i would've been doing that if—

"ow!" if my head hadn't hit someone's chest. "camile!"


"shh!" i look at him confused like my apartment isn't the only one on this floor. i point that out, mentally asking where he sees any other doors for someone to hear. "oh yeah... i forgot."

"what're you doing here anyways?!" i say as i turn back around to lock the top. "my sister kicked me out."


"not actually i just got bored at her place so i thought i'd come to yours to hang out."

"oh. well give a heads up next time and i can't."

"yeah i can see that. where're you going?"

"the hospital for one last check up."

"oh... can i come?" that was unexpected. "you seriously wanna come to the hospital with me?"

"i have nothing better to do." what a sad life this guy has. i, on the other hand, do if it weren't for this appointment. but i agree due to how close we've gotten.

in the past three weeks, he's come over at least once or twice a week just to keep me company. and when i did get back to training, he helped me make sure i was taking it easy. "then... why not." maybe i can invite him to something after.

he always came with something for us to eat or do so it's the least i could do even after he told me i didn't owe him every single time.

it made me upset but i just stopped because i knew i could secretly owe him back.

so today's that day.

i rush him down to the elevator where we don't wait long before getting in and out into the lobby where i saw a black car pull up and the uber sign on the side.

i rush in as fast as i can and i can hear gavi panting in the back. "you've ran a whole field and you're out of breath?!"

"i don't deal with stairs in the field!" yeah the elevator was broken and i can't lie and say i wasn't winded either.

i take a deep breath before approaching the front desk where gavi eventually stands behind me as i check in. "camile santana?" i get asked and nod as i hand back the clipboard. "te miraran en unos minutes. tu y tu novio pueden esperar en el cuarto en la esquina. (they'll see you in a few minutes. you and your boyfriend can wait in the room in the corner)"

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