[51] i think they know

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pure silence.

the only thing you could hear was pablo torres' seat being pushed in as he finally got his lunch and the kitchen staff making a bit of a ruckus back there. but nevertheless, it was pure silence.

gavi and i took up a table alone that we thought would get filled up by our friends... but they didn't, so it was just us.

something was up, and we were clueless.

so clueless and so tired of the silence that i abruptly got up, threw away my trash, and dragged gavi with me out the cafeteria, making sure to completely shut the door. "my jello!" he whisper yelled along the way but i kept it moving and made sure he did too.

"i think they know." i finally say after we even took a few steps away from the door. "about?"

"you're slow."

"you're mean."

"that's not any worse than being slow," his lips go thin annoyed but that didn't stop me from continuing. "they know about us. theres no way they don't." i mean, why else would they all act like that? "do you really think—"

"were you not just telling me the vibes were off in the locker room?" i didn't necessarily get it until i started to think back on how it was for me and my teammates when we came back in from training outside... but it was almost exactly like he explained it with them.

it was either glances from here and there or straight up harsh stares, some even looked like they were trying not to approach you.

"yeah actually," he starts to remember, "but why would they act like this?"

"because they're waiting for us to tell them."

to be honest, it'd be easier if they just confronted us and we explain; i don't like how they're doing it. "should we?"

that's where i get stuck.

"it's been, what? four days? plus, i really—"

"wanna talk to you about something." we both finish. "hey, what's wrong?" except he translated that way better than i did because i didn't expect my face to turn into a worried one that quick.

i guess it was from the talk with my parents from last night. "literally nothing at all. i just... i don't know, pablo."

"we can leave right now—"

"what? no i'm fine i think i'm just overreacting."

"you do realize when people say that they usually aren't reacting enough."

"i told you that."

"exactly." i hate myself for opening my mouth sometimes. "we can talk about it tonight, it's really not—"

"hola! (hi!)" xavi never fails to startle me but this time, he really did it. "hi, xavi." i reply back with this fake sort of smile on my face to hide the fact that he did scare me. even gavi knew when he held this big smile on his face. "so... whatcha guys talking about?"

in that moment, i go back to look at gavi at the same time he was going to look at me when we burst out laughing in each other's faces.

"hey, whats so funny—"

"you guys!" gavi says for me because by now, i had laughed so hard that my face was red and all i could do was stuff my face into his shoulder and hope and pray the redness would go down. but it wasn't helping because his scent just made me blush.

"you guys could've chosen a better way to tell us you know."

"know about—"


we heard so many steps marching out the cafeteria that even xavi had to tip toe over to us before he got trampled by the swarm exiting.

it was a crazy sight. "ESTAN JUNTOS O NO?! (ARE YOU TOGETHER OR NOT?!)"

ferran's eyes looked absolutely insane when he asked as if it was so important that he had to know. but apparently everyone had felt like we made them wait long enough so we looked back at each other one last time and smiled.

we smiled but we just kinda stood there and hadn't even realized everyone was waiting.

something about his eyes... i don't know.

it wasn't until oshoala shook me back to reality and brought me into the group hug with my team that eventually ended in a chant. "camile tiene novio! camile tiene novio! camile tiene— (camile has a boyfriend! camile has a boyfriend! camile has a—)"

"camile tiene que vomitar así que sueltan me! (camile has to vomit so let go of me!)" that was a lie, but all my friends quickly backed up and i got myself out of there.

well i would've if my wrist wasn't pulled by ansu.

"como no me ibas decir que te juntaste con gavi?! (how were you not gonna tell me that you got together with gavi?!)"

"ya basta! (stop!)" funny enough, it was both xavi and gavi to make everyone go quiet.

it stayed that way for a moment till we heard steps behind us and i turned around to see jonatan with a bag of lays and i took my chance to look at him funny. "you're always telling us to lay off the chips, this is hypocrisy!"

"you guys are the players, i am the coach. remember that."

the same silence that was in the cafeteria at the start of all this was the same one everyone had as of now till we all bursted out laughing in each others faces. "ey, jonatan, supiste? (did you know?)"

"de gavi and cami? fue un poco obvio. la cosa es que son un poco lento, y eso es peor que estando malo— (about gavi and cami? it was a little obvious. the thing is you guys are a little slow, and that's worse than being mean—)"

"told you!"

"theres no way he wasn't around the corner listening when you dragged me out?!" whose to say, but i was right. "okay how about we all go into the cafeteria and cami and gavi can tell us all about their love story."

"i love that song." i mention as we're all shuffling back into the cafeteria.

"we know you do, cami."

"what's that supposed to mean, pablo?"

"aw! he knows her favorite song!"

"oh shush, lucy."

i hope yall know camile is ACTUALLY a false god girl (no hate to love story bc i love fearless)

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