[2] gym run in

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"why're you here? don't you have the day off?"

"do you question everything i do?" see, if i turn the question around i can avoid the fact that i woke up late and had vikky and salma go to the beach without me.

it's not my fault they decided to get up at the crack of dawn.

so i stayed in and got my place tidy before i came back down to work out at the gym. i just forgot they didn't have the day off. "cami?" slowly, everyone in the gym started crowding me. "que haces aquí? (what're you doing here?)" ferran asks and now it's back to me.

"um... no days off?" i say with uncertainty but xavi comes out of nowhere and scares us all. "así deberían ser ustedes! (that's how you guys should be!)"

at least someone believed it.

so i set my stuff aside and say my hello's when i get to frenkie. "i feel like i haven't seen you in forever."

"you don't come around anymore! mikky's been dying to see you."

"i've been busy! tell her i can do next week when she's back." i saw that she's back in amsterdam. "i will, you're making dinner though." then never mind. but i lie and agree anyways as i get on the treadmill next to him.




"i got here first, torre."

"jeez i just wanted to know how you'd react." it's probably because i forgot to say hi but there were better ways to get my attention. "well that's how. how've you been?" thinking about it, i feel like i haven't seen everyone in a minute besides my friends. "pretty good, you?"

"same here." i like pablo torre, when he's not being awkward. "um, i think you're being called." and he was. "shit, okay i'll see you around, camile."

"you too!" mid run he tripped one of the dumbbells and i turned around quickly so he wouldn't know i saw. "you know he likes you, right?"

... what's new?

"no, really? it's not like i don't already have ale reminding me."

"i heard my name." i only mentioned him yet everyone comes out of nowhere. "since you guys are all here, can one of you get my headphones?" they can be at least of some use. "not it!" they all go. well, except gavi. "go get them gavi."

"what no i'm not making him do that, it was supposed to be one of you." but while bickering i saw gavi in the back going through my bag already. "hey we have the same ones."

"they kinda suck."

"i like them." but the sound bleeds out of the airpod max's. "thank you by the way."

he smiles in response and walks elsewhere. the moment i can see my friends again, the biggest smirk is plastered on everyones face. "what now?" i ask. "that was a cute interaction."

"he brought me my headphones. what is wrong with you people?"

"okay but the smile?"

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