[58] house "owners"

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"we're walking home after this. no way am i getting in another taxi after that." camile couldn't stop laughing from the moment we got out the car. "the signs clearly said to slow down at the bump too!"

to say the least, our taxi driver was going so fast that camile and i would go up and come back down from the roof of the car every speed bump.

"we wouldn't have to if you'd just get your license!"

"i'm too busy and i'm getting it as soon as the season ends!" she looks at me up and down knowing i've been slacking on the lessons. "plus, at least some of us are going for it."

"we both know how i feel about the written portion!"

ever since camile's dad came back, he's been urging her to try again. they both somehow convinced me to get in the car with her driving this one time too.

i didn't tell her she was bad because she wasn't, but i also didn't wanna boost her ego either.

anyways, we were dropped off at the front of the neighborhood and had to make our way up the houses. "it's a really nice neighborhood." she points out.

what i told camile nights ago; i meant it.

i like having a space that's all mine and the backyard would help me get some practice in for fun.

plus, i like to host friends.

but i bought this house in hopes it'll convince camile to move in with me sooner than what she had in mind. again, i don't want to rush her but it's something i'd really like for us. we're already at each others places like everyday so a move wouldn't be all that different.

"it's this one." i point at the white one story house to our left.

we both make a stop and i already hold out the key. "wait—"

i thought we'd be walking alongside each other to go inside but she stopped in her tracks and just stared at the keys. "you already bought it?!"

"ehh... surprise?"

her eyes go wide and her mouth hangs open in shock and amusement. "do you have any self control?" she should know me by now when i shake my head and drag her in with me.

after unlocking it, we enter the hallway and walk further in to see the living, dining room and kitchen all in one. "oh it's so nice." she says in awe of the place, eyes roaming everywhere.

"though," she stops and makes me nervous, "what's a house without stairs?"

"theres a basement."

"stairs to go upstairs, pablo." camile's childhood home is like that apparently. i also have yet to go but i'm curious. "oh come on, i think the backyard will make up for it."

i know it will.

it's what sold me on the place.

after viewing the main room for another minute i move the curtains to the side and slid the sliding door open, revealing the outside furniture, the pool, and small patch of turf to play in.

i let her go ahead but she doesn't make it far before she just stops to view everything from that very spot.

"dios mío (my god), pablo." yeah, this is the reaction i wanted.

i was quietly laughing behind her but snuck up on her, wrapping my arms gently around her waist to which she got comfortable in the touch quick.

"yeah i get why you wanted this place so badly now."

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