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"It's been three whole months now since Tommy forgot everything.

Tommy is happy and learning new things with his family again. Obviously, Tommy has his moments...

Every once in a while, Tommy freaks out after making a mistake and his family tries to explain that everything is okay and nothing bad is going to happen to him.

Wilbur introduced Tommy to Tubbo and Ranboo after explaining what happened to the two of them. They were sad but overjoyed he was still alive.

Ranboo was disappointed he couldn't help though. Something about a cake? I dunno.

Tommy remembered Ranboo as he met him before the raid but had no clue who Tubbo was. But the three of them made it work and tried to just ignore it.

Everything turned out to be okay!

The ending is happy -ish.

And that, Drista, my dear twelve year old sister, is why you should always listen to warnings, or you'll end up like Ender.

Anyways, I know it's been a couple weeks but I promise I'm coming back home soon!

I just have to finish up all the boring god work.

There's been a shit ton of it since Ender died, leaving me and Kristen to take care of it all.

We litterally have to do EVERYTHING! Its soo boring...

Okay, love ya sis!

From the best brother and author in the world,


Drista laughed as she closed the book after reading the last line aloud.

XD really wrote this entire book just to teach Drista to listen to warnings?

"Wait, did that really happen?!" Tommy asked looking to his friends.

Drista, Tommy, Tubbo, and Ranboo were back in the woods behind Tommy's house.

"I dunno. I think so," Tubbo answered.

"Yeah. I mean, the raid part is right and how you forgot everything, and how my cakes can kill god, soo..." Ranboo added as he fidgeted with a long blade of grass.

"Yes, it happened," Techno stated as he walked up to the four teenagers who he just spooked.

"Yeah! I'm pretty sure I still have a scar from where you first bit me," Wilbur chuckled as he sat on the grass.

"Wil? Tech? Aren't you guys supposed to be helping Phil with chores or something?" Tommy questioned.

"Yeah, but Techno decided that we'd rather have fun now and get our asses beat when we get home later than the other way around, without the beating," Wilbur grumbled before rolling his eyes and glaring at Techno.

"Correction, you will get your ass beat. I'm Phil's favorite; he won't do a thing to me," Techno corrected.

"You are not! Tommy is! He gets more benefits than both of us combined!" Wilbur argued.

"Well, he's the youngest. Therefore he automatically gets whatever he wants. You had the same privilege before he showed up."

"No I didn't! You did! I'm older than you!" Wilbur complained.

"Oh, yeah," Techno mumbled. "But only by a couple minutes. You still got privileges for being the pretty one."

Someone angrily yelled Wilbur and Techno's names in the distance.

Both boys looked at each other knowing they were both going be dead the moment they stepped in view of the house.

Wilbur turned towards Tubbo and Ranboo.

"Do you guys wanna sleep over tonight?" Wilbur asked with a nervous laugh.

The three friends looked at each other. They wouldn't say no to a sleepover, but they could definitely get something more out of this.

"What's in it for us?" Tommy smirked and crossed his arms. The other two followed suit.

"Anything!" Wilbur was obviously desperate.

"With some exceptions!" Techno added before the boys could suggest anything ridiculous.

The boys whispered for a moment before separating.

"Every Friday, you guys take us to get ice cream after school for three months. You guys pay. AND during our sleepover, we can do whatever we want to do to you guys. No complaining," Tommy stated. "Deal or no deal?" Tommy held out his hand.

Techno and Wilbur glanced at each other.

"No biting," Wilbur stated.

"No promises," Tommy smiled.

Wilbur was going to object but Techno already shook the kid's hand causing Wilbur to hesitently do after.

"Pleasure doing business with you, boys. Now if you'll excuse us, we have a sleepover to plan," Tommy sated with his cocky voice and attitude as he, Tubbo, and Ranboo started walking towards the house.

They're definitely family...

Speaking of which, Drista should probably head back home. Puffy will be worried as to why she isn't at home yet.


The end.

Thank you guys so much for all the support!! <3

I'll start another book soon, hopefully.

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