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[Tommy's POV]

Tommy woke up around 7:30.

Too early for a Sunday.

His mind decided that he was not going back to sleep, so he threw on some clothes and went downstairs.

Mumza was in the kitchen.

"Morning, mum," Tommy yawned as he sat down at the counter.

"Morning, Tommy!" Mumza placed some toast on a plate in front of Tommy. "Here. I made breakfast! And eat up quick! I wanna show you something! Well, more like somewhere."

Tommy was confused but she was excited so he didn't think I'd be anything bad. Tommy shrugged it off and ate his food rather quickly. He was quite excited as well.

After breakfast, Mumza and Tommy walked out into the woods behind the house.

After about twenty minutes of walking, Tommy started complaining.

"Mumzaaaaa, how much longer? My feet hurt and it's too early to be walking this muchhh," Tommy whined as he climbed up the small hill.

"It's not much farther, Tommy," Mumza stated.

"Can't you teleport or something?" Tommy asked.

"Well, yes. But it takes the fun out of it! I figured we could go there this way," Mumza looked back at Tommy.

"Can we teleport, though?" Tommy asked.

"We're already here! Look!" Mumza grabbed Tommy's hand and helped him climb up to see the beautiful view.

A small clearing with a tall waterfall flowing into a gorgeous river. Most of the ground was covered in vegetation and flowers.

"Woah..." Tommy looked at all of it with excitement.

"Was it worth the walk?" Mumza asked, smiling.

"Yeah," Tommy laughed.

"Follow me."

Tommy did so, following her down the dirt trail.

"You see all the flowers?"

Tommy nodded.

"Which one is your favorite?"

Tommy looked around but eventually went with an allium.

"Which one is yours?

"Hmmm, which do you think?" Mumza asked.

"Uh, a rose?"

"That's a good guess! But no. Here, I'll show you," Mumza said before leading him to a spot closer to the river.

She knelt down and gently looked through the flowers until she picked one and brought it closer.

"This one is my favorite!" Mumza held up a dandelion.

"A dandelion? But I thought those weren't flowers?" Tommy questioned.

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