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[Wilbur's POV]

"That's so unrealistic though. A person wouldn't die from being stabbed like that!"

Techno was complaining about the movie again.

It was late evening and the sun had just set.

Wilbur and Techno were watching a horror film and this was the 5th time Techno interrupted the movie to explain why they shouldn't or should've died.


"It's not my fault they don't know anything!!" Techno argued.



Ding Dong

"BOYS! Stop fighting and one of you get the door please!"

Philza yelled from upstairs.

"Not it!" Techno and Wilbur both said touching out noses.

"Damn it. Rock paper scissors." They held their hands out.

"Rock paper scissors, shoot!" They said in unison.

Techno picked rock and Wil picked scissors.

"Come on! How do you always win!" Wilbur complained.

"You always pick scissors, now get the door," He pointed to the door.


Wilbur walked up to the door and opened it expecting to see some random person they know.

Instead, there was just a box. He looked around outside and no sign of anyone.

"Uhh.... DAD!"


He looked back at the box on their doorstep. "DID YOU ORDER ANYTHING ONLINE?!"

Philza came down the stairs.

"No? Why?"

Techno joined them aswell by the front door.

"Uh... there's nothing but a box outside," Wilbur stepped out of the doorway so Philza could see.

"Its kinda heavy," Phil said picking it up.

Wilbur closed the door once phil brought it inside. He set it down gently.

Wilbur went to open it before being interrupted.

"Wait wait wait, it says 'Caution: may bite' in sharpie on this side," Techno pointed out kneeling beside it, "Are you sure we should open it?"

"What if it's a fluffy cat or rabbit!" Wilbur said excitedly, "Can we keep it!?"

"Wil, it litteraly says 'May Bite' and you want to keep it?" Techno said.

Wilbur was about to argue but Phil stepped in before he could.

"If it says that then it must be alive, so we can't just leave in the box, Techno. Just stand back and I'll peek in the box real quick."

"Fine but if we die from whatever it is, I blame you guys," Techno said stepping back.

Wilbur did the same.

Phil opened the box flaps ever so slightly. His eyes widened.

"Holy shit..."

Wilbur and Techno looked at each other then back at Phil quickly.

"What is it?" Wilbur asked and started to walk over but Techno grabbed his wrist, stopping him.

He open the flaps the rest of the way in a panicked manner.

"DAD!! DON-" Techno yelled but stopped once he saw what was in the box.

Wilbur stepped forward to look in it aswell.

He was speechless.

A small child, with small cuts and bruises all over the arms and legs, was curled up and asleep in the box.

The kid barely look 8 years old.

Wilbur looked at phil. He was still kneeling by the box just staring at the kid.

Phil then carefully picked up the kid, trying not to wake them up.

He stood up with the small child in his arms, and looked at the other two  with an expression full of sympathy.

"I'll take 'em up to the guest room. We can fix the cuts and bruises when the kid wakes up," Phil whispered to them.

They nodded and phil went upstairs to the guest room.

Wilbur and techno looked at each other still in shock.

"Who on earth would leave, a child of all things, on our doorstep!?" Wilbur asked him.

"I don't know Wil, but we can ask the kid when they wake up. You wanna finish the movie? I'll even shut up about the murders."

He was trying to get Wil's mind off it.

As grateful as he was for his effort, he didn't feel like it.

"Thanks tech, but I think I'm just going to go to bed. Don't stay up to late, okay?"

"Alright then, I'll be up in a bit."

He left for the living room. Wilbur headed up the stairs and down the hallway.

Dad comes out of the guest bedroom closing the door quietly behind him.

"How's he look?"

"Not great. Poor kid seems to be a little sick aswell. Most likely from being outside. But he will be alright."

Dad gave a comforting smile.

"That's good, but what are we going to do with 'em?"

He hesitated but answered.

"We can figure it out in the morning, okay? Get some rest. Who knows what we'll get into tomorrow."

Wilbur nodded and Phil left down the stairs. He decided to peak into the guest room.

The kid was sleeping peacefully in the bed. Techno came up the stairs and peaked in aswell.

He sighed. "Come on wil, let them rest, we can talk to 'em in the morning."

Wilbur was worried for the child but agreed. He closed the door quietly and followed techno to their bedroom.

Hopefully we'll get answers in the morning.


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Word count: 869

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