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[Techno's POV]

The note said:

Borrowing the orphan for a day or two. -XD

Techno furrowed his eyebrows and crumpled the note.

"What is it?" Dream whispered quietly to not wake up Tubbo and have him worried about Tommy aswell.

"He took Tommy," Techno grumbled back as he walked out of the room. Wilbur followed.

Wilbur and Techno went downstairs and informed the adults of what happened. Dream came down the stairs shortly after with a tired Tubbo in his arms.

Ugh. What do they do now? They don't know where this man took Tommy. They have no where to really go from here...

You should go get Tommy!!

Get Tokmmy

We know where he is!!!


You should know that we know everything by now


Techno can't just go into the woods and try to attack this man! That would be absurd.

But Tommy!!!!

What about Tommy!?!?



Save BigManInnit!!!

Why would Techno do that? He barely knows the kid. Why would he risk his life for some small puny drop-kickable orphan?



You know you love him!!


He's your brother that's why

C'mon Technosoft!! You love him!!

Okay, maybe he did like the kid a little bit, but that doesn't mean he's going to risk his and/or Wilbur and Phil's lives for this reckless child.



You have to save him!!





Techno was irritated by the obnoxiously loud voices in his head and decided he had to do something about it.

Techno grabbed his sword and was about to leave through the front door before Wilbur stopped him.

"Where are you going?" The tall brunette asked.

"Outside," Techno said plainly in his monotone voice.

"You are not going after him! Not without me or Phil!! That guy is probably really dangerous!!" Wilbur quietly yelled knowing Techno didn't want the others to know about this
He stepped between Techno and the door.

"I have to. Or they wont shut up." Techno stated with vemon; though, it was not towards Wilbur.

Wilbur softened slightly at this. He gently rested his hand on Techno's shoulder and sighed. "Okay. I'll let you go under two conditions. One, you wear a coat; it's fucken freezing out there. And two, you'll be careful. That man is really dangerous and as cool as it would probably be, I don't want to be an only child."

Techno paused for moment before grabbing his jacket off the hook to the right of them. He slipped it on and looked back to Wilbur.

Wilbur smiled slightly and said, "I'll cover for you as long as I can. But I leave no promises of them not finding out."

"Thanks, Wil," Techno mumbled and started toward the door again.

Wilbur hugged Techno who awkwardly returned it. Physical touch has always been awkward when it involves Techno.

"By the way, you have to do my chores for the next week because of this." Wilbur let go and started speed walking towards the kitchen.

As much as Techno wanted to, didn't have time to mess around. The voices were going louder every second.

He opened the front door and walked out. As he walked through the trees, the voices guided him by saying a certain direction. Supposedly towards Tommy.

[Wilbur's POV]


All he has to do is make up a lie for Techno and not look suspicious.

What lie, though?

He took a walk?

No, Phil would worry about the man going after him.

He... went upstairs to... read a book?

No, that would be suspicious. He was pretty serious about it earlier.

He..... is searching Tommy's room for clues?

Believable... right? Kinda. He's not really the kind of person to go all Sherlock Holmes on something.

Oh, he went to look for his sword!

That's believable! He is looking for his sword that way he can fight if he needs to. Perfect.

Now all he has to do is act cool.


Wilbur is a great actor.

He can do this.


What could go wrong?


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