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[Tommy's POV]

Tommy was falling.

Everything was blurry.

There was white cliff above him.

Most likely where he fell off.

Tommy couldn't move as he fell.

Just before he hit the ground, Tommy's eyes shot open.

He quickly sat up in his bed and looked around. He was in his room.

His breathing calmed. It was just a stupid dream.

Tommy mentally rolled his eyes in his own stupidity for getting worked up over a dream. He reached for his phone and checked the time.

1:47 a.m.

Tommy sighed as he swung his legs over the side of the bed and stood up.

He glanced out window and saw that it was still dark out. Not that he expected it to be bright at this hour.

Tommy walked toward the door and down stairs to fetch a drink for himself.

Once Tommy was at the bottom of the stairs, he noticed a light was still on the living room. Curious, Tommy walked towards it.

When he entered the room, he saw his dad on the couch reading a book. Philza quickly sensed and acknowledged Tommy's presence.

"Oh, hello, Tommy. What are you doing up this late?" The older asked.

"Oh, uh, I woke up and was just getting a drink of water," Tommy answered as he walked closer to Phil. "What are you doing up?"

"I was finishing up some reading."

"Whatcha reading?"

"Just an old journal I wrote about my adventures in," Philza replied as he placed an old, hand-made bookmark, that looked to be made by a child, in the book before closing it and setting it gently onto the table. "Come sit, mate," He patted the seat next to him.

"What kind of adventures?" Tommy asked as he sat down.

"All kinds; there's too many to say," Philza laughed.

Tommy nodded as he caught a glimpse of Philza's wings.

They were something that Tommy always admired.

"Do you have any stories about your wings?" Tommy asked turning his gaze back to Phil.

"Yes, I do actually. I can think of at least three right now," Philza laughed at his child's curiosity. "Want to hear them?"

"Mhm," Tommy hummed.

"Well, I think the earliest memory I have of my wings saving someone was when I was a young adult. Around twenty or so. I remember being cornered by the mobs and falling off a ledge. Thankfully my wings saved me before I hit the ground."

Tommy thought about his dream for a moment before pushing it back in his head.

"The second time is I believe two months after I adopted Techno and Wilbur," Philza started.

"Techno and Wil are adopted?" Tommy questioned.

"Oh, yeah. I guess we never exactly told you, huh? But, yes, they are," Philza answered.

Tommy nodded and hummed in acknowledgement.

"Wilbur and Techno were about six and were playing in the woods. Techno barely trusted me at the time. He got stuck on a tree hanging over a rushing river. He couldn't move without the tree threatening to break off. Wilbur ran as fast as he could to get me."

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