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[Techno's POV]

They looked in the child's room to see Tommy sitting upright on the side of his bed.

Wilbur immediately ran in towards Tommy.

Techno stayed in the door way knowing something wasn't right.

There's no way he would just wake up and be better...

Wilbur went to hug Tommy.

"WHAT THE FUCK?!" Tommy screeched as he crawled back to the other side of the bed and away from Wilbur.

Wilbur looked severely confused.

"Tommy, this isn't time for one of your stupid pranks! We thought we fucken lost you!!" Wilbur stated.

Tommy looked scared but he tried to cover it with a look of confusion. "How-How the fuck do you know my- my name!?" Their brother stuttered.

Techno walked into the room and place a reassuring hand on Wilbur's shoulder. He looked to Tommy.

The poor kid severly tensed at the sight of Techno.

"What's wrong?" Techno questioned.

"Gee, I dunno. Maybe I'm in some random person's house, trapped in a room with a sweater kid and some guy who looks like he's gonna murder me," Tommy rolled his eyes.

Techno supposed he looks a lot scarier now than he did when they first found Tommy.

"Wha-? But-" Wilbur looked crush as he came to realization that Tommy wasn't acting.

"We aren't going to hurt you nor kill you," Techno stated. "We're just as confused as you are, just not for the same reason."

"I honestly don't think he can even die at this point, Tech," Wilbur stated.

"What's the last thing you remember?" Techno asked.

"...a raid.... and then being chased. But that feels like a long time ago... like years ago. And everything else is blurry," Tommy hesitantly answered.

Techno and Wilbur looked to each other.

"So, you don't remember anything that happened in the past, like, four days?" Wilbur asked.

Tommy shook his head 'no'.

"You don't remember being hunted by a god when you were seven years old, or me playing you my guitar, or even becoming friends with Tubbo?"

Tommy shook his head again.

"But- but what about all that we did together?!" Wilbur began to break down but held everything back.

"Why don't you go get Phil. I'll talk with him to try to obtain some sort of explanation," Techno suggested.

Wilbur agreed before leaving the room and going down the stairs.

Techno looked back to Tommy who was making an attempt to escape by running towards the door.

Techno caught him just before the door and pulled him back gently by the arm.

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