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[XD's POV]

XD shook the small five year old awake from her slumber.

"Drista? Wake up!" XD whispered.

"Ughhh, whaaat?" She whined.

"I need help!!!"

"With what?" The child sat up and rubbed her eyes.

XD sat at the end of Drista's bed. "Okay. You remember the reason why I'm kinda after Tommy, right?"

"Uh, I think so?" She responded.

"Right, so Technoblade and Dream think I'm trying to kill Tommy and stuff because I keep low-key threatening them."

Drista tried to keep up with his rant as she nodded.

"Thing is, Tommy can see me. Like how I can't hide from you. I mean, you're blood related so you can always see me, but Tommy isn't! And I have no idea how! If I want to know, I'll have to ask him about it, but I can't talk to Tommy without him freaking out and warning the rest of the family! Plus, Kristin said I can't talk to Tommy or her family, and you know how she is when she means something. What do I do?" XD ranted.

Drista blinked.

"XD, I'm a five year old. Why on Earth would I know?"

"I don't have anyone else to talk to or ask! Okay? So you should be honored that I came to my sweet little sister," XD crossed his arms.

Drista sighed. "Why don't you just talk to Dream and Techno about it? If you convince them, they can stay with Tommy when you're asking him stuff," Drista suggested.

"That's actually a pretty good idea. But what about Kristin? She said I couldn't talk to any of her family."

"She would only know if Dream or Techno snitched. Convince them not to and you'd be golden."

"You're the smartest five year old ever. Thanks, Drista!! You're the best!! " XD gave Drista a tight hug before teleporting off.

"Yeah, anytime..." Drista groaned as she flopped back down on the bed and went back to sleep.

[That Night]

Once Techno and Dream fell asleep, XD brought them both into a dream.

The dream was of a hill centered in a never-ending field of flowers and grass. On top of the hill was a tall tree and at the bottom of the trunk on opposing sides, were Techno and Dream.

Techno woke up first then Dream shortly after. Techno stood up, looked around and then at Dream.

"Techno?" Dream questioned. "Where are we?" Dream stood up.

"In a dream... I think," Techno answered.

"It feels too real to be a dream, though. Wait... are you dream-Techno or, like, real-life-Techno?" Dream asked.

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