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[Techno's POV]

"So, what the fuck just happened?" Dream asked as Techno, Philza, and Dream walked back down the stairs.

Wilbur decided to stay with Tommy, just in case. Plus, Wilbur's high pitched squeal would alert them immediately.

"He's messing with Tommy and we need to do something about it," Techno said.

"Wait, who's 'he' exactly? I know it's the guy that's supposedly after Tommy, but who actually is he?" Dream asked as the three gathered around the table once again.

"Dunno, but I think he's messing with Tommy's head. Thinking the guy is there and all," Phil stated.

"How would he be messing with Tommy's head if he was right there?" Techno asked as if what Phil said was a stupid statement, of which it was.

"He wasn't there...? What do you mean?" Phil questioned.

"The man with the cracked mask? He was grabbing Tommy. Hell, Tommy was trying to bite him," Techno stated without much emotion.

"You okay, mate?" Phil concerningly asked Techno. "There wasn't anyone in the room when we all came in other than Tommy?"

"You mean you didn't see the person with a cracked mask, black claws, and deep echoed voice? Almost exactly like Tommy's drawing?" Techno was started to lose his patience.

"No? We didn't see anything! Are you sure that's what you saw?" Dream questioned.

"Yes. I'm positive. What other reason would I have to run over to the window other than to see where that man ran off too?"

"I honestly just thought you really wanted the window shut for some reason," Dream shrugged.

I took a minute to see what the voices were thinking.

Blood for the blood god!!!







They're being loud, as usual, but not loud enough for me to do something stupid.

"Okay. So we have Techno seeing things we can't and Tommy being attacked by some random guy.... What the fuck are we going to do?" Dream asked.

Phil sighed. "Look, it's getting late and I'm sure you are both tired, so why don't we all go to bed and figure something out in the morning when we can actually think straight?" He suggested.

"Okay, that sounds fair," Dream agrees.

"What about Tommy, though? What if that guy comes back in the middle of the night for him?" Techno asked in a serious tone.

"Wilbur is with him, and you know how Wilbur screams, Techno. He'll be fine. Now get some sleep, okay?" Phil pushed.

I sigh and grumbled, "Fine... night dad."

"Night Techno," Phil said before turning to Dream and mentioning something about Puffy.

Once I was upstairs, I walked up to Tommy's current room and peaked through the slightly opened door.

Wilbur was still awake as he hummed to some song he was probably writing to a puffy-eyed Tommy who was curled up beside him and surrounded my very many pillows and blankets.

Techno backed away and walked back to his room satisfied that they were both safe.

He changed into more comfortable clothes and laid in his bed.

Techno felt many emotions that he hadn't been showing, but anger and the feeling of being helpless stood out the most.

He decided he needed to think of something else so he decided that he would listen to what the voices were saying.




Sooo what's the plan?




XD wants to talk to you!


XD pft- more like suck my d-




They were mostly saying 'E' or arguing with each other about 'XD'. All Techno knew was that this 'XD' was a danger to Tommy and possibly Wilbur and Phil, too.

The one voice did catch his attention: 'XD wants to talk to you!'. The one voice started to turn into a couple hundred and they all said similar things.

Techno felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up as he opened his eyes and looked around the room.

The room would be very dark to the human eye but Techno could see much more clearly. There wasn't anything there, though.

That was until he looked outside the window.

Techno saw a white, cracked, porcelain mask. Techno nearly jumped out of his bed and grabbed his diamond sword.

When he looked again, there was nothing there. He looked to his right only to be faced with the man.

Techno stepped back and swung at the man who only disappeared and reappeared beside him.

"That's no use, blood god," The green man said. "I'm in control. You can't hit me."

Techno rushed for the door in order to protect his family but the door just disintegrated into dust at his touch.

"And you can't go anywhere, either. I'm in control of your dreams right now."

"Why are you after Tommy?" Techno aggressively asked as his gripped tightened on the sword.

"Why not? Its not every day you find someone who can see you," He stated. "And I suppose there is a reason... but that's besides the point."

Techno just glared at him as he came closer.

"I just wanted to let you know that you can't stop me."

"Stop you from what, exactly?"

"Oh I don't know.... maybe taking Tommy, hurting your friends and/or family, or even manipulating your dreams."

Techno was infuriated but he thought of something.

"You said we're in my dream, right?"

XD nodded.

"Then where's Chat?" Techno smirked.

"'Chat'? Who's 'Chat'?" He asked and suddenly all the voices came from every direction shouting random things from scolding XD to just yelling 'E'.

"What the fuck!? Fuck this. I gave you my message. Now watch out, Blood god."

And with that final sentence, the man dissapeared.

Techno woke up in his bed. After checking on Wilbur and Tommy who were in the same state as before, he went back to his bed.

Heh. Maybe the voices weren't so bad after all.


Word Count - 999

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