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[Tommy's POV]

Tommy woke up in the morning and saw Wilbur sleeping at the end of the bed. After the huge event last night, Wilbur hasn't left his side. He got out of bed and went to the door. Tommy carefully opened it and poked his head out to see if the coast was clear.
He didn't see anyone, but he heard talking from down stairs, which sounded like more than three people.

He walked down the stairs cautiously, being ready to run if he saw him again.

"-that's a shit plan, Dream," Tommy had heard Techno say as he walked into the kitchen.

"Well, you got a better one?!" Dream snapped back.

"Speak of the gremlin, morning Tommy! Everything alright?" Phil greeted Tommy once he took notice of his presence.

"Uh, yeah. Morning," Tommy greeted back and walked up to the counter, just barely being able to look on top of the higher-than-average surface.

"Puffy, Drista, and Tubbo came over this morning. I made pancakes, too," Phil stated.

"Can I play with Tubbo?" Tommy asked.

"You can play after you eat." Phil fixed Tommy a plate of pancakes, then set it at the table in front of the empty chair beside Tubbo.

"Fine..." Tommy sat down and started eating as the adults, and teenagers, started talking again.

Suddenly, there was rushed stomping from the stairs and Wilbur came around the corner looking worried as fuck.

"DAD! DAD! TOMMY'S GONE! IM SORRY, I FELL ASLEEP AND WHEN I WOKE UP, HE WAS GONE!! THIS IS ALL MY FAULT-" Wilbur rambled on before Techno walked up to him.

Techno grabbed the top of his head and turned it in Tommy's direction.

"There ya go," he said before returning to his spot around the island.

"Oh, hi Tommy," Wilbur calmed almost immediately.

Tommy waved slightly and went back to eating.

Once he was done, he brought his plate to the sink and walked over to Phil.

"Phillll, can I play with Tubbo now?" Tommy dragged out.

"Yes, you can. But please stay inside today," The old man replied.

With that, Tommy grabbed Tubbo's hand and ran into the living room.

- - -

The day went smoothly. Drista, Tommy and Tubbo played in the living room and watched movies while the adults and teenagers discussed how they should react to the major situation from the day before.

It was now around 7:00 pm. After dinner, Drista joined the others while Tommy and Tubbo snuck upstairs into the room Tommy was staying in.

[Techno's POV]

Techno wasn't paying much attention to the conversation; he was paying more attention to the voices who were saying random things.


Clingy duo!!!




Yooooooooooo Technoooo!

How are you doing Techno?

Technooooo!! We want attention!!!!

He had listened to them for a few minutes longer.

Techno noticed Dream as he walked to the doorway of the living room and probably saw Tommy and Tubbo doing something childish. He walked back to the table.

"Where are Tommy and Tubbo?" Dream asked.

"In the living room. Why?" Techno replied.

"They aren't there."

"What do you mean they aren't there!? Oh fuck!! You think the guy got them!?" Wilbur started panicking.

Chill wilbur


Phillllll wil is being dramatic again!

They're upstairs

Calm down their upstairs


"Calm down, Wil. They're upstairs." Techno responded.

Techno stood up straight and walked upstairs with Wilbur following. They opened Tommy's bedroom door to see both boys curled up and peacefully sleeping on the bed.

This calmed Wilbur, so they went downstairs and informed them that the boys were now upstairs.

Techno let the voices do their thing or whatever for a couple of minutes. Then, they started chanting two names.



Bee boy and raccoon!!!

Clingy duo!!!!

Get TOMMY AnD TubbO!!!

Tuvbo and Tomny!!!

Why are they worried about them? They're sleeping upstairs.

Save Tommy!!!

Tommy and Tubbo are in danger!!

Help him!!


Its XD again!!!

Once Techno heard "in danger", he stood straight again and began to speed walk up the stairs.

This caught the attention of Wilbur and Dream, causing them to follow.

Dream, Wilbur, and Techno rushed up the stairs and stopped by Tommy's door.

Wilbur, being there first, opened the door to see both boys asleep.

That's not Tommy!!!

Its fake!!!


Read thE Note!!


Techno walked past Wilbur and up to the bed containing supposedly both kids.

He saw Tubbo on one side and pillows and blankets in the shape of a person on the other. There was a letter where the head was supposed to be.

Techno quickly opened it and read it over carefully. He furrowed his eyebrows out of rage and crumpled the note.

"What is it?" Dream whispered.

Techno hesitated.

"He has Tommy."


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