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[Tommy's POV]

"Uh, little warning, he's going to be able to see you," XD informed Ender.

Ender seemed to brush XD's warning off by not saying anything.

Tommy looked up to see the god who wishes to kill him and was quite frightened by the sight.

The god was quite tall. They had a large eye on their face and it looked very menacing as it stared into Tommy's soul. Their skin was a dark, almost black, navy blue that looked almost like a dim night sky. Their hands were awfully sharp. They wore long robes and from the legs down was fading into nothingness. And to top everything off, they had a crown with jagged points and edges atop of their head.

The god was overall horrifying to the normal person.

Tommy instantly started to freak out and back away on the floor.

Techno walked up from behind Tommy and pulled him back by his arm swiftly yet gently. Once Tommy was behind his older brother, Techno pulled him up to his feet.

Tommy looked towards Ender who had quite the confused look even if they didn't exactly have a face.

"How- How can you see me? That's not physically possible for humans," Ender said more to themselves. Ender then sent a look straight to Tommy.

Techno blocked Ender's view of Tommy by standing in front of him.

Tommy spaced out for a moment trying to process what probably not on earth was happening.

Before Tommy knew it, all hell broke lose.

When he came back to reality, everybody was yelling at each other.

Well, Mumza, XD, and Techno were yelling at Ender.

Tommy looked around for someone to give him context on how this started.

Tommy still hated yelling.

That definitely did not change.

Tommy looked to Mumza, who look furious with XD.

He would have gone over if she wasn't so livid and scary.

Tommy really didn't think it was possible to be scared of his mother.

Honestly, it reminded Tommy of his biological "mom" when she faught with his "dad".

Tommy decided to not approach her and looked towards XD.

XD was pretty far away from Tommy and closer to Ender, so XD wasn't exactly an option.

XD looked not confused, but scared and overwhelmed even if he had his mask on.

Tommy wanted to attempt to help him but again he was far away and too close to Ender for Tommy's comfort.

Tommy looked to his last option: Techno.

Techno was much closer and wasn't yelling as much.

Tommy decided to try to ask Techno.

By the time Tommy had made it to Techno, the ground seemed to start shaking.

"Uh, T- Techno? Why's everyone fighting?" Tommy shakily asked.

"Tommy. Not now!" Techno stated sternly.

"But- Tech!" Tommy reached for Techno's arm.

Techno quickly shoved Tommy's hand away from him.

"I SAID NOT-" Techno turned toward Tommy making him back up slightly.

By now Tommy had tears in his eyes from all the yelling and bad memories from his past.

"Sor- ry," Tommy's voice cracked.

Techno immediately stopped and calmed himself before reaching out for Tommy.

"I'm sorry, Tommy. I'm just a bit stressed at the moment. I didn't even think about what you'd be going through," Techno apologized. "Its okay. Come here."

Techno held out his hand for Tommy to take.

Techno never exactly liked hugs but he would give them to Tommy when he needed them from time to time.

Although, because of the situation, Techno figured it would be safer to just go with hands.

Before Tommy could even touch Techno's hand, the ground shook.

"ENOUGH!" Ender boomed.

Tommy lost his balance and fell to the ground.

When he looked up, Techno looked as if he was thrown away from Tommy. He slid towards XD on the ground.

"If no one else can do it, I might as well do it myself. I'm putting an end to this once and for all," Ender stated as he grew closer to Tommy.

Tommy was frozen in fear knowing there was no way he could escape.

Ender held up his claw-like hands.

"TOMMY!" Mumza shrieked as Ender's hand came crashing down towards Tommy.

Instead of pain, Tommy's vision faded to black.


Word Count - 710

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