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[Techno's POV]

Techno grabbed the kid's hand and pulled him up.

"Let's talk with the others, okay?"

"...okay" the kid mumbled.

He walked into the living room and made sure the kid followed.

Wilbur and Philza were already in there.

Techno had the kid sit down on one end of the couch as he sat on the other. The younger being on the left side.

Phil was in his old-man arm chair and Wil sat on the other couch.

Phil looked to Techno as if asking, 'Can I start talking to him now?' So Techno gave a small nod.

"Okay, well, I guess I'll introduce each of us to start. I'm Philza. You can call me Phil if you'd like. The brunette is Wilbur and the other is Techno. What about you, mate?"

"Uh, I'm Tommy..."

"How old are you?"


The kid's answers were quiet and cautious. He was definitely scared. Techno couldn't blame him.

"Do you remember anything from before waking up a little bit ago? Like how you got the cuts and bruises? Or ended up in a box?"

Tommy nodded slowly.

"Can you tell us?"

He hesitantly nodded again.

"...I don't remember much though.."

"That's alright, anything helps." Phil gave his signature calming and gentle smile.

Tommy nodded again.

"....I remember running from something ...I don't know what it was..... I think the monster thingies gave me most of the cuts and stuff."

"The mobs? Where were you? Was it dark?" Wilbur asked with a hint of worry showing, even if he was trying to hide it.

"...there was lots of trees, so the woods I think? And it was really dark." He looked towards wil.

"Ok... continue." Wil said looking away.

Heh. He cares.

"....I think I looked back and tripped over something and I hit my head..."

"Is that all?" Phil asked, not in a rude way.

"...uh... I remember a fuzzy looking thing walking up to me. After that, everything went black.... I don't think it was one of those monster-mob things though..."

"Okay. Do you remember anything from before that? Like friends, family, siblings?"

Tommy thought for moment before shaking his head 'no'.

"That's alright. I'm gonna talk to these two, and we'll tell you what's gonna happen once we're back, okay?

He nodded.

The three of them walked out of the room.

"...so... I was thinking of keeping him-" Philza started.

"What?! He bit me! And you! I don't wanna get bit again!" Wil interrupted, fairly loud.

"Wilbur! Quiet down, I dont want him to hear you. Anyway, I want to keep him," Phil repeated, "Techno?"

He looked towards the kid through the door way.

Keep him!



Kepe teh kdi!!

I like him


Keep the kid*

Tommyinnit!!! Let's goo!!

The voices all said.

Does Techno feel emotionally attached to this kid?


Will he admit that?

Definitely not.

He looked back to the other two.

"I say we keep him"

"That breaks the tie. Its settled! We keep him!"

Wilbur grumbles a bit, but Techno knew he wanted the kid to stay, as well.

[Tommy's POV]

Tommy nodded to phil and they walked out.

He started picking at the skin around his nails.

What if he just ran off? He could probably get out through that window.

"-What?! He bit me! And you! I don't wanna get bit again!" One of them said loud enough for Tommy to hear, the brunette, he believed, it was.

Oh right..... he bit them....

They probably hate him for that..... but they tried to grab him, so they deserve it!..... right?

Yeah. They should have tried to reason with him...

The three of them came back into the room.

"Well, Tommy, I'm going to talk to the authorities and whatnot to see if I can find anything else about you. In the meantime, you can stay with us!" The blonde one, Phil, said.

Stay with them? Well....

They seem nice.... and he has nowhere else to go...... ugh fine.

Tommy nodded.

"Just, no biting!"

"...sorry about that..." Tommy apologized quickly and quietly.

"It's alright, just don't do it again. Unless its nessessary, okay mate?"

"No! It's not 'alright'!! He bit me-"

The pink haired one elbowed the other kid.

"Ow! What the fu-"

"Boys!" The kids looked at the older,"Head to your room. I'm gonna help him out."

They both left the room, and walked up the stairs.

"I wanted to wait 'til you woke up to treat the cuts. You wanna do that now?" He asked once they left.

Tommy nodded and followed him out of the room.


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