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[Mumza's POV]

The family of four were waiting for XD to give Mumza the signal.

After about seven minutes, Mumza could hear XD.

"Techno, he just gave the signal," Mumza stated.

"Good luck!" Philza said to the two before they went off.

The two were out of Ender's sight.

"Just stay out of sight and be safe, okay?"Mumza asked.

Techno nodded and walked off to find Tommy in the godly mansion-like place.

Oh and I already found Tommy

"Wait, Tech!" Mumza called but he was already out of sight.

Even after turning the corner, there was no sight of Techno or what direction he had gone.

All Mumza could do was hope he would be fine.

Time to distract Ender...

"Hello, Ender," Mumza greeted.

"Kristen. What is your business here?" Ender asked coldly.

"I just... wanted to talk with a coworker. What's wrong with that?"

"We both know that's not true and that you most likely hate my guts at the moment. Why are you here?"

Mumza sighed. "Why are you always so hard on things when it relates to me?" Mumza decided on playing the victim hoping it would cause a much longer distraction.

"Don't play victim. You know exactly why and it's not because of you in any way. Now, I'll ask one final time. Why are you here?" The god glared at the goddess.

Mumza didn't respond.

She couldn't think of a reason that quick under pressure.

"If you won't respond then I'll just ask your son who must be thrilled to join us," Ender said before Techno appeared in front of the two abeit being closer to the more power-filled god.

"Techno!" Mumza exclaimed. "Don't you dare touch him!"

"Don't worry, I won't hurt a fellow god," Ender reassure although not very reassuringly.

Techno had his sword at the ready.

"Awe, how cute. He knows how to hold a sword," Ender mocked.

Mumza began to step closer to her son before stopping at the raise of Ender's hand.

Ender could do just about anything to Techno with the snap of a finger.

Mumza already had one son in danger and was not about to lose another.

"Relax. I just want to ask him a few things. Maybe get to now the kid."

Mumza glared bullets at them.

"How are those voices treating you Technoblade?" Ender asked.

Voices? What voices?

Techno seemed almost caught off guard by this question meaning he knew what they were talking about.

"That is none of your concern," Techno snarled back.

"What voices?" Mumza questioned a bit too loud.

"Oh, you never told your mother?"

"Cut the chat. Where's Tommy?" Techno spit out.

"Oh, Thomas? He's most likely already dead or is dying as we speak."

Techno became enraged and gripped his sword much tighter.

Mumza walked closer and pulled Techno back to her once she was close enough.

"Techno, calm down," Mumza whispered in an attempt to reasure her son. "He's fine. I promise."

"If XD did his job right, Tommy should be dead."

"You sent XD to kill him!?" Mumza exclaimed.

"Yes. It should be a great learning experience. He is still a young god."

"XD is basically still a kid! "He is barely an adult! And you want him to kill a child!?" Mumza raged.

"XD been around for 183 years; he is old enough to take action in actual god matters," Ender replied.

[Tommy's POV]

Tommy came to the discovery that being teleported feels really weird when you haven't done it in seven years.

"Woah, you okay?" XD asked as he stabled the wobbling teenager.

It took Tommy a couple seconds to become aware of his surroundings.

"We're at your house. Phil and Wilbur should be somewhere around here," XD stated once Tommy could stand by himself.

"Tommy?" Tommy heard as he turned the corner to enter the living room.

"Tommy!" Wilbur shouted and engulfed Tommy in a suffocating hug in which Tommy could barely breathe in.

"Tommy! Holy shit, mate," Phil joined in on the hug.

"Uh- guys! I- can-t really breathe!" Tommy tried to say.

"Oh shit, sorry," Wilbur let go of Tommy.

"Are you hurt? What happened?" Philza quickly examined Tommy for any injuries.

"No, no I'm fine!" Tommy slightly pushed Philza hands away.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes! I'm sure!" Tommy said.

"We're just glad your okay," Tommy's father said before giving him another hug.

Tommy hugged back.

After a couple seconds, someone cleared their throat.

Everyone turned to XD.

"So, uh, happy moment and all, but I think we might have some bigger problems to worry about..." XD worriedly stated.


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