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BTW, slight gore warning for this chapter!

[Techno's POV]

After Ender hit Tommy, Tommy went limp.

Techno was about to kill Ender but XD held him back.

Techno looked glared back at XD before looking back to Ender

"Why- why isn't he dead?!" Ender looked to Mumza. "What are you doing?!"

"What do you think!?" She snapped at him.

Techno looked at XD in confusion.

"She's the goddess of death meaning she can stop someone from dying," XD explained. "She mentioned it to me once, but she also said it takes a lot out of her. She won't be able to save him again for a while."






Techno looked back at Tommy who was still limp on the ground while the elder gods, and more-or-less the adults of the situation, started arguing.

Techno and XD began to rush over to Tommy.

Techno dropped to his knees once he was close enough and picked up Tommy into his arms.

"Tommy? Hey, wake up! Please?" XD pleaded while shaking him slightly.

Surprisingly, Tommy opened his eyes slightly. He closed them again from the light but adjusted them by blink multiple times.

"Techno?" Tommy questioned.

"Tommy," Techno looked serious at the kid making Tommy tense slightly. "Never do that again or I will ground you physically into the ground."

"Uh- that's kinda not fair," Tommy mumbled.

As the arguement between the other two gods became even more heated, their surroundings were now not only shaking but starting to lose color and crack in places.

"Whats going on?" Techno asked XD.

"Ender created this place, meaning he can change it," XD explained," But with these circumstances, I don't think it's going to be long befo-"

XD was cut off by the ground cracking between Techno and XD, separating them.

Techno's side shifted upward while XD's slid down. Techno tightened his grip on Tommy who was still not fully capable of being on his own at the moment.

Techno tried to back away from the edge but the ground behind him broke off as well, leaving only a small amount of floor they could stay on.

"Techno. Let me go, I'll be fine," Tommy said while regaining awareness of what was around them.

"Are you sure?" Techno questioned.

"Yes," Tommy affirmed.

"Okay, but at least hold on to my hand and be very careful," Techno stated.

Tommy held Techno's hand as the ground still shook.

Suddenly another crack chipped into the flooring and started to fall, bringing Techno and Tommy down with it.

As the two boys fell, the older quickly held on to the younger pulled Tommy on top knowing his yoinger brother would have a higher chance of survival.

Although Techno holding onto Tommy quite tight, an unknown forced dragged him away.

"TECHNO!" Tommy yelped as he tried to grab his brother but instead being pulled back and out of Techno's sight.

Techno focused on the nearing floor before closing his eyes and bracing for impact.

[XD's POV]

XD caught sight of Techno falling and quickly sprinted into action.

XD gripped on to Techno's arm moments before he would've hit the ground. XD set him down on some ground that was level and steady enough to hold him.

"Stay here," XD ordered.

Techno sighed but nodded in understanding agreement.

XD followed the yelling to see Ender holding Tommy with practically nothing. It was like that one movie Drista showed XD.

Star fights? Something like that.

Back to important things, Ender had a dagger at the ready and was about to stab Tommy right in front of his mother.

Harsh much?

"This all could've been solved if you would have just done your job," Ender stated in an insane tone. "Now you'll have to pay the price."

Ender looked back to Tommy.

Ender started his hand toward the boy as XD sprinted his way over and...

...took the hit himself.

XD fell to the ground with dagger sticking out of his chest and blood staining his clothes.

Huh, didn't know I could bleed.

And that is how I, XD, the God of Mischief and Chaos, died.

But, if I was dead, how could I be telling this story right now?

As heroic and selfless my death would be, I can't exactly die. Well, not from a simple stab in the chest anyway.

Okay, okay, the narrator will stop destroying the poor 4th wall.

Back to the story.

Ender dropped Tommy soon after realizing what he had done.

"Owwwww, What the hell Endeeer!" XD complained as he tried to stop the bleeding.

"XD! Are you okay!? Holy shit! I'm so sorry!!" Tommy panicked as he rushed over to XD. "How can I help?" Tommy asked as he tried to help apply pressure only to get some of XD's blood on his hands.

"Kid, its fine," XD reassured. "I'm a god! It's not like I'm gonna die," XD chuckled.

"I'm not done with you," Ender grumbled as he picked Tommy up by the front of his sweatshirt causing Tommy to grip onto their wrist in attempt to hold himself up.

Tommy panicked as he looked down and saw that he was over a large white cliff.

The drop was very, very far down.

Enough to kill Tommy instantly if dropped.


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