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[Tommy's POV]

"He did what!?"

Oh shit...

She's mad...

What do I do?!

"That petty little piece of shi-" She stopped once she remembered Tommy was in her arms.

"XD is a big dick," Tommy mumbled.

"What did he do?" Mumza asked in a serious, yet gentle, voice.

"Uh..." Tommy hesitated.

Tommy can't tell her!

Can he?

XD said that he shouldn't...

But he's not here...

No. The second she leaves, he will probably come for him if he does.

Kristin must have noticed his hesitation because she interrupted his thoughts.

"Tommy, did he say something about you not being allowed to tell me anything?" She asked.

Tommy slowly nodded.

"You can tell me, okay? He can't lay a hand on you when I'm here," Mumza reasured him.


XD did seem really scared of her...

Ugh, fine...

Tommy will tell her.

"Okay... He chased me when I was playing hide 'n' seek with Dream. And he grabbed my arm, too. It really hurt. Then he took me in my sleep and stuff, and then he hurt Techno and threw him into a tree," Tommy snitched.

Kristin became livid, "He WHAT!? It's one horrible thing to mess with a child but it makes it ten times worse when you mess with my son! I swear, the next time I see that lying no good son of a bi-"

This freaked Tommy out, who was still in her arms.

[Techno's POV]

Mum was going ballistic over what XD did. Tommy was stuck in her arms as she angrily paced around.

Once she came to a stop near me, Tommy looked to me with a small hint of fear in his eyes. Not the kind he saw with XD but the kind that said "get me the fuck out of here".

Tommy turned in my direction and reached his arms out for me.

What the...?

Pick him up!!

Mumza is pissed!!!

Get tommy out of her arms bro!

XD is sooo dead!!

Take Tomathy!!!

Fet timhy!!

Techno walked closer to his mother. He picked Tommy up and into his own arms.

Tommy laid his head against Techno's shoulder and watched as Philza tried to calm down his wife.

After a minute had passed, Tommy looked up at Techno.

"Are you hurt?" Tommy asked.

"Huh?" Techno questioned.

"Are you hurt? From XD? When he threw you into that tree and you passed out?" Tommy tilted his head slightly.

"Oh, uh, no I'm fine. It didn't hurt that bad."

"You sure?" Tommy squinted his eyes in suspicion at Techno. "It looked like it hurt."

"Well, it did, but it wasn't that bad. I'm alright."

"Okay, if you say so..." Tommy mumbled as he looked back to the other two.

Techno looked down at the kid.

"Are you okay?" Techno asked.

Tommy looked up at him in confusion.

"When mom was ranting and things with you in her arms. You looked a bit scared. You're alright, though. Right?" He explained.

Tommy nodded his head.

"Thanks, Techie," Tommy mumbled as he leaned back into Techno's shoulder.

Techno stopped for a moment and looked seemingly at nothing.

Techno blinked back into reality and looked back down at the kid.

Techno only held him closer and tighter.







Techno decided from this point onward that he would protect this small, young, and vulnerable orphan with his life.

Philza had eventually calmed Kristin down.

"Okay, look. You guys go home and I'll take care of XD. Alright?" Kristin concluded.

"Okay, love. Make sure to visit soon, okay? I'm sure Wilbur isn't going to be happy that we got to see you without him," Phil laughed.

They said they're goodbyes and set off walking home.

"Techno, mate, you want me to carry Tommy?" Philza offered

"Nope, I got him," Techno quickly declined.

Phil snickered slightly at the overprotectiveness Texhno showed over the boy.

After a short while, they made it back to the house where Wilbur and Dream were about to kill each other over a county or something stupid like that.

Wilbur obviously complains about him not being able to see Mum.

As the evening goes on, Techno never let go of Tommy.

Tommy decided to be nice and not move away or complain about being in Techno's arms. He was a big man and obviously didn't enjoy or want the affection and comfort.

He definitely did not stay because he liked it.

Definitely not.




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