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[Dream's POV]

Dream and Techno walked back into the living room.

"I'm going to get a hold of Phil, stay with Tommy," Wilbur said as he exited the room.

Dream sat to the right of Tommy while Techno took the left.

"Wanna finish the movie?" Dream asked the kid.

Tommy nodded, so he unpaused the movie. A couple minutes later, Wilbur joined them and mentioned that Phil is on his way home now.

- Time skip -

By the time Phil was home, they had finished the movie and Tommy was asleep.

When Phil came through the door, he was worried sick about Tommy and felt horribly guilty about not believing him. Techno ended up taking Tommy to his room, aka the guest room, while everyone talked downstairs.

"So what exactly happened, Dream?" Philza asked.

"We were playing hide and seek outside. On his first go at hiding, he fell out of a tree, which he was perfectly fine after, and said he saw the man behind me. I didn't see him when I turned around, so i assumed it was his head messing with him," Dream explained.

"What about the huge bruise on his arm?" Wilbur asked in an annoyed tone.

"I'm getting there. Be patient, dumbass," Dream responded.

"Okay, sorry. Fucken prick..."

"Anyway, we played for a little while longer, and it was his turn to hide again. I was looking for him, until I heard him yell my name. He came sprinting up to me with tears in his eyes and the bruise on his arm."

"Did Tommy say anything? Like what had happened?" Philza questioned.

"Yeah. When I asked what was wrong, he mentioned the guy chasing him and that this guy technically threatened him. Apparently he said something along the lines of 'No matter where you are or who you're with, you aren't safe' and that he'd find Tommy."

They were all silent for a moment, before Wilbur spoke up, "what did he say about him at dinner? He looked like someone or something?"

"'He looked like Dream' is what he said," Techno answered. "But with-"

"A cracked mask, right?" Dream cut him off.

"Yeah, how'd you know?"

"He drew this picture of the guy." Dream took the picture out of his pocket, unfolded it, and laid it on the table. They looked at it.

Now that he looks at it again, Dream felt like he's seen it before from somewhere.

"You think this is what he actually looked like or Tommy's brain manipulating it?" Wilbur asked.

"Probably manipulating it..." Techno inquired.

"Okay, so. What are we going to do?"

"Me and Techno could look about the woods tommorrow morning, see if that guy is still there. I doubt Tommy would like being alone, though, so Wilbur would probably have to say here with him," Phil suggested.

"Sounds like a pla-" Wilbur was cut off by a scream from upstairs.

The four of them rushed up the stairs and to Tommy's door. Dream tried opening it but it was locked.

"Fuck! Its locked! Someone kick it down," He ordered and Techno stepped up.

[Techno's POV]

"TOMMY! GET AWAY FROM THE DOOR, OKAY? WE'RE COMING IN!" Philza yelled to Tommy through the door.

Techno kicked at the door, weakening the lock. Another scream came from inside the room.

"DO YOU EVER SHUT UP!?" A deep, echoey voice yelled from inside.

The four looked at each other with the same wide eyes. Techno kicked at the door again, this time breaking the lock.

Techno rushed in, followed by the others, to see Tommy biting at a man who had a hold of his arm and looked just like the one in Tommy's drawing. The man took immediate notice to the audience who was now watching as they were heading for Tommy.

The man let go of the younger blonde's arm and disappeared out the window, after saying, "You'll see me again. You're not safe, Tommy."

Techno ran to the window but the man just vanished. Wilbur was comforting a traumatized Tommy  who was now sobbing into Wilburs shirt.

Dream and Philza knelt down next to them as Techno stood, looking around in case the man made the unwise decision to return.

"Please don't leave me again..." Tommy whispered quietly.

"Shh, shh, it's okay. Of course we won't," Wilbur whispered to him while rubbing circles on his back.

None of them knew what just happened, but Techno and the voices were only thinking one thing.

Blood for the blood god.


This isnt one of my best chapters but I'm too lazy to rewrite it lmao

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