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[XD's POV]

"Wait... you said a building fell on top of you?" XD asked.

"Uh, yeah. Why?" Tommy answered.

"Oh, shit..... I am so dead...." XD mumbled as he turned away slightly.

"Why? What'd you do?" Dream asked.

"Uhh, I'm not completely sure, yet... but I do know that if what I'm thinking is true, Kristin is going to absolutely murder me."

"Why is she gonna kill you?" Dream asked.

"I may have-" XD stopped when he spotted a crow outside the window. "Shit... she's already here.."

"XD!!? WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" Kristin yelled as she appeared seemingly out of nowhere. "I TOLD YOU SPECIFICALLY TO NOT TALK TO MY FAMILY!!"

"I know!! I know! I'm just trying to figure this out-" XD tried to reason with her but was rudely interrupted.


XD teleported off before the livid mother became even angrier.

[Mumza POV]

"Kids, did he do anything!?" Mumza asked as she inspected the kids.

"No, mum, we're fine," Techno said.

"Why was he here?" She asked.

"He wanted to ask Tommy some questions. Something about Tommy seeing him?" Dream answered.

"How long has he been here?"

"Like, ten minutes, I think."

"And he didn't try to hurt you?"

"No. We made a deal with him which ment he couldn't hurt us," Techno said.

"A deal?! When?! What kind of deal?"

"He met with us in our dreams and asked us to help him, so we made an agreement. He can ask Tommy questions and we won't snitch on him while we don't have to worry about him taking or hurting Tom and we get to stay with him," Dream explained.

"And you trusted him!?"

"Well, yeah. If anything, we could have just got you," Techno chimed in.

Mumza sighed. "Okay. As long as he didn't hurt you guys."

"Yeah, we're fine," Tommy said quietly from behind Techno.

"Are you sure, Tommy?" Mymza smiled.

Tommy nodded.

"Well, I have to make sure... come here!!" Mumza scooped Tommy up from the ground and into her arms. She tickled him and ruffled his hair.

"Stop!! I'm fine!!" Tommy laughed.

"Okay, okay! Fine. I suppose you are fine," She said in a sarcastic yet playful voice.

"Look! XD gave me a lollipop!" Tommy showed the candy to Mumza.

"Really?! That was nice of him. Wow, now that's something I thought I'd never call XD," Mumza chuckled lightly. "Sadly, I do have to go now." She set Tommy back down on the floor.

"You kids stay safe, and call me if you're in trouble," Mumza said before disappearing and reappearing in front of XD.

"XD. What is your reason for doing exactly what I said not to do?!" Mumza scodlingly asked.

"I just wanted to ask Tommy a couple of questions to find out why he can see me!" XD quickly answered.

"Okay, and did you find out anything?" Mumza glared.

"Uh... yes? I think..." XD nervously answered.

"And that is?"

"Umm.... well, you know how your always right about everything?"

"Yes? Go on..."

"And you remember how you said there was a raid in a villiage and there wouldn't be any survivors?"


"Okay, so.... I may have gone to the raid to watch the chaos as you know I normally do, and I may have accidentally, potentially..... messedwithfateanddeath," XD said quickly.

"What. did. you. do?!"

"Before you kill me!! I had absolutely no idea I did this until now!!!"

"What was it?!"

"IthinkTommyissupposedtobedead! AnditskindamyfaultbecauseI-"

"Woah woah. First, slow down. I may be a mother but I cant understand you when you jumble your words together. Second, I wont punish you if you didn't know about it," Mumza reasured but still quite stern.

"Okay. Tommy mentioned that in his dream, a building fell on top of him. When I went to the raid, I stood on a building and it started to fall, so I fixed it because I thought it was my fault," XD said slower.

Kristin hesitated. "....and you think Tommy was supposed to die from it?"

"Yeah... but I'm not completely sure that's what happened. There's not really much proof."

Mumza was silent as she stared at nothing in particular.

"Kristin?" XD walked towards her. "You okay?"

"Yeah... I'm fine..." She mumbled.

"What do we do?"

She sighed. "We'll talk to Tommy and maybe get some more answers out of him."

"Okay... but what if we took Tommy back to the villiage? Do you think it will help with his memory?"

"It might, but the poor kid is traumatized enough."



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