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[Tommy's POV]

Tommy woke up alone again. Though, this time he didn't freak out as much because he heard people talking downstairs.

He got out of bed and quickly left the room to join them.

Tommy walked into the living room were he was meet with Dream and Techno talking.

"Morning, Tommy. You sleep well?" Dream greeted him.

"Yeah. Better than last night," Tommy responded and sat beside Techno. "Where's Wilbur and Phil?"

"It's 'where are' and they went shopping for groceries," Techno corrected.

"So, Tommy, we have to talk with someone today, and I know you just woke up, so we'll get you some breakfast first. You okay with that?" Dream asked.

Tommy nodded.

Dream brought Tommy to the kitchen and made him something to eat while Techno went upstairs. Afterwards, they went back to the living room.

Techno came down stairs with his sword and sat down with them.

"Okay, Tommy. Before you see him, I want you to know that he's not gonna hurt you and that me and Techno are here to protect you. Okay?" Dream reasured Tommy.

Tommy started to become nervous of who this person was, but still nodded.

"Okay, he agreed! C'mon out."

XD came into the living room.

Tommy panicked and ran to Techno.

"Wait, kid!" XD tried but Tommy only panic more at he sound of his voice.

Why is he here?!

Are Techno and Dream working with him!?

No they said they'd protect him...

"Tommy, buddy. It's alright. He's not gonna hurt you. Right, Techno?" Dream reasured as he walked towards Tommy.

Tommy looked up at Techno.

"Yeah. XD said he wouldn't hurt you." Techno confirmed. "And if he tries anything I'm right here. Okay?"

Tommy nodded and sat down with him.

"Uh... here have a lollipop," XD handed a lollipop to Tommy who hesitantly took it.

"Can he ask you some questions, Tom?" Dream asked Tommy.

Tommy looked at XD then to Dream and nodded slightly.

"Okay. First off, what are you?" XD asked.

Tommy gave XD a very confused look.

"Right. Uh, like, are you human or something else?" XD clarified.

"Oh, uh... human? I think," Tommy answered.

Techno looked at him. "you think?" He questioned.

"Yeah, I dunno. It's fuzzy..." Tommy recoiled into the couch.

"What were your parents?"

"Uh.... I think.... my dad was human? I- I dunno..... sorry," Tommy quietly apologized.

"That's okay, Tommy," Techno said.

"You were in a raid, right?"

Tommy nodded.

"What happened while you were there?"

Tommy took the lollipop out of his mouth. "Uh, I don't remember much..."

"That's alright. Just tell me what you do know."

"Uh.... There was fire and smoke. And there were people running around. Uh, then it's kinda blurry and after that I was running from you."

"Okay. That's not much to go off of," XD grumbled.

"I did have a dream about it, though, but I don't know if it was what actually happened," Tommy added.

"It could help. Go on."

"I woke up in the woods and at first I thought you took me again but you never showed up, so I started walking. Then I saw this sign, but it was all scratched up. I followed this path to a small town place. I found this small fire in an alleyway and it wasn't very big so I threw this, like, picture into it. Then I got bored and walked back out to the village, but everything was different. There was fire and no one was there anymore. Then this building fell on top of me, so I closed my eyes," Tommy explained his dream.

The other three looked at each other then back to Tommy.

"Then everything was black and this really angry guy kept yelling mean things to me. For some reason I couldn't see his face but I think he was holding a bottle or something. Then I woke up," Tommy finished.

"What did this guy say?" Dream asked.

"He said things like 'It was your fault' and 'you always fuck everything up'," Tommy impersonated the man's voice.

"Okay, well its alright, Tommy. Don't believe him, it's just a dream," Dream said.

While Dream and Techno talked to Tommy about his dream, XD came to conclusion that, with the information from Tommy's dream, he may have fucked up..


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Word Count - 726

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