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The family of three and XD have all agreed on a plan to get Tommy back.

"Alright, Kristen and Techno are going first to split off and do their parts, then I'll go-" XD started but stopped.

"Yeah?" Wilbur said, edging him to go on.

"Shit. Ender is calling me," XD looked to Kristen.

"That'll ruin the plan, won't it?" Phil questioned.

"No, it shouldn't," Mumza stated.

"Yeah, I'll just do Kristen's part and Kristen does mine. You'll go when I send Kristen the signal. No big deal," XD added.

XD teleported into Ender's presence.

"XD," Ender stated more than asked.

"Yeah?" XD answered.

The ancient god sighed. "Still immature and childish I see."

"Yup!" XD said with pride.

"On to business," Ender glared for a slight moment. "Do you know a boy of the name Thomas? Or, I believe he goes by 'Tommy'?"

"Tommy? Oh, yeah! He's Kristen's son, right?" XD played.

"Not biologically, but yes. How do you know him?"

"Oh, I messed around with him a while back because he could see us! That was so much fun," XD reminenced.

"Are you two close?"

"Uh, no. I don't think so anyway. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't even recognize me. Well, not immediately anyway.

"Good. I want you to have the honor of killing him."

XD took a second to double process those words.

"Kill him!? Why!?" XD exclaimed.

"Because I think it will be a great learning experience for you as a young god," Ender explained.

"Ehhh, okay? I guess," XD awkwardly accepted.

"Great now go on. I'll send you there," Ender said before teleporting XD into Tommy's 'room'.

[Tommy's POV]

Tommy was sitting on the nonexistent ground sketching his favorite cow, Henry, in his notebook.

Henry was a cow in a pasture that Tommy sees every time he walks home from school.

The sketch wasn't the greatest thing in the world but it was also most definitely the best cow drawing in the world because big man Tommy drew it.

"Hey, Kiddo!"

Tommy nearly jumped out of his skin as he whipped his head around only to see XD.

"Holy fuck, dude!" Tommy exclaimed as he stood up. "With the voice, too? Really?"

XD was laughing his ass off while Tommy scolded him.

Eventually his laughing faded.

"You done? It wasn't even that funny," Tommy pouted.

"It was funny to me. But yeah, yeah. I'm done," XD responded. "Wow look at you! You're all grown up and not a teensy tiny kid," XD teased.

"Yeah! I'm a big man now! I get all the ladies at school, too," Tommy joked.

"Do you still bite people? Or did you get that fixed?"

"Pfft- fixed? Hell no. I still bite. Keep your distance," Tommy laughed. "But, what are you doing here anyway?"

"Oh, yeahhhhh. About that.... I've basically been sent to kill you by Ender," XD stated.

"Ender?" Tommy questioned.

"The big god guy or whatever that brought you here. They're, like, really powerful and above me and your mom."

"Oh... wait you have to kill me!?" Tommy realized.

"Yeah, basically."



Big ending for a big man....

"Ok... just get it over with. Oh and tell Wilbur that he's a bitch. Those are my last words," Tommy stated.

"Wha- Bro I'm not going to kill you! Either way, you're okay with that?!" XD asked.

"You're not gonna kill me?" Tommy asked.

"No! Of course not! I consider you as a friend! And plus your mother would kill me, revive me, then kill me again," XD answered.

"Okay... What are you doing here then?"

"Right! So, Me and your family have this elaborate plan, made by yours truly, to save you!" XD explained, taking all the credit.

"You made the plan? Why would you help out? You barely know me."

"Because! Even if I did kinda... maybe..... traumatize you, doesn't mean I don't consider you my friend and care about you."

"Okay... What do we do, then?"

"Well, originally Kristen and Techno were going to teleport here first. Kristen would distract and Techno would find you. Once he did I'd teleport you guys out. But Ender called for me and that kinda sent me first but I think we're still good," XD explained.

"Uh okay? So what now?"

"I get to take you home!"

"Really? So, I'm not going to die?" Tommy asked with a doubtful look.

"You shouldn't."

"But what about Ender? Isn't that bitch just going to take me again?"

"They shouldn't as long as the plan works."

"Okay.... I doubt it will," Tommy mumbled.

"Time to go," XD grabbed Tommy and teleported out of the room.


Word Count - 777

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