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[Philza's POV]

Wilbur was playing his guitar to Tommy in the living room.

Funny that the kid that's supposed to be dead is in the living room.

At least Ender can't kill him there.

Philza was in the kitchen causually talking with XD when a small question came to Phil's mind.

"XD, you're pretty young for a god. Aren't you?" Philza asked.

"Oh, yeah, definitely. Your wife and Ender have been here long before I existed," XD answered.

"So, how old are you?"

"Uhhhh, like 180- 3? 4 maybe? Something like that," XD shrugged.

"183?! Really?" Philza exclaimed.

"Yeah. But honestly that's like being a teenager in human years. Kinda like Wil or Techno's age."

"Wait, so how old is Kristen?"

"Uh, I think... 3391? Yeah I think that's right."

"Wow. And I thought I was getting old," Phil chuckled. "Speaking of her, how do you think they're holding up? It's been a while by now..."

"I'm sure they'r-" XD stopped.

His causually normally laid-back face was replaced with one of concern and almost fear.

"What's wrong?" Phil quickly asked.

"Shit- they know," XD said before rushing to the living room with Phil following close behind.

Wilbur and Tommy were both still in the living room.

The state of panic XD and Phil were in had caused the two teenagers to panic as well.

"What?! What's wrong?!" Wilbur quickly asked.

"Uh, nothing! Its nothing to worry about! Not now anyway..." XD reasured.

"Everything's fine. We just had a small scare," Phil failed to reassure.

"Shit.... Ender needs me again... I have to go," XD said before disappearing.

[Mumza's POV]

"I hope you know I am aware of your little plan to stop me," Ender informed.

Oh no...

Don't react.

Try to play dumb.

"What plan?" Mumza asked.

"Don't act like you don't know."

"I honestly don't know what you are talking about," Mumza glared.

Ender sighed. "You, XD, and your little family made a cute little plan in an attempt to save Tommy and keep him alive," Ender explained knowing fully well Mumza knew everything of the subject.

"No clue," Mumza shrugged.

"Then let's ask XD. Shall we? He made the plan now did he not? Surely he would know of the matter," Ender smirked although not exactly having a mouth.

Not a moment later, XD showed up.


"Present," XD stated.

"You killed the boy, correct?"

"Uh, yeah... can I not do something like that again?" XD said as he put up an act.

"What do you mean 'again' when you failed to even do so once?" Ender's voice seethed with anger as they asked.

"What do you mean? I did kill him," XD acted confused.

"If you killed him, then explain why there are still problems being made."

XD stayed silent knowing it was no use to try to lie and talking would make the situation much worse.

"Why are you in on this as well!?" Ender's voice rose.

Not a word was spoken out of the two.

"If neither of you speak up, I will kill the boy in front of you both," Ender harshfully threatened.

"You can't do this to a child!!" Mumza broke.

"Do you not understand the problems this makes!?"

"Those 'problems' can be fixed differently!!"

"Doing this is a much easier way!"

"YOU HAVE NO HEART!!" Mumza yelled as tears started welling up in her eyes.

Ender teleported Tommy in front of two of them.

The poor kid hit the ground with a harsh thud that could have possibly given him a bruise or two.

"Tommy..." Techno mumbled as he watched the kid cautiously as if something were about to attack him and Techno must cease it's act.

Techno glanced up at Ender for a short moment before he began to run towards Tommy.

"Not another step, Blood God, or it'll be his head," Ender threatened.

"You wouldn't," Techno spit and he glared daggers into the god's humanoid skull.

"Would you like to test that?" The God almost teased.


Word Count - 670

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