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[Techno's POV]

Techno was sitting at the island in the kitchen thinking about yesterday's training session with Tommy.

He was going to make sure Tommy was okay again this morning, but Mum took the kid somewhere.

At first Techno was worried she was going to do her job and kill him, but he knew she didn't have the guts nor heart to do that to someone she sees as her own blood son.

The voices were quiet.

They knew it was their fault.

But Techno couldn't help but blame himself.

"You alright, mate?"

Techno barely jumped as his dad placed a hand on Techno's shoulder.

"Yeah. I'm fine," Techno deadpanned.

"Well, you don't look fine. What's on your mind?" Phil asked.

Techno sighed.

"I almost hurt Tommy yesterday. Killed even."

Phil looked at him with concern.

"Is that why Tommy looked a bit shook up at dinner? What happened?" Phil worriedly asked.

"Yeah... I don't even know exactly. One minute I was talking with Tommy about slightly picking up the pace and the next... he was holding his hands up prepared to be stabbed or something," Techno hesitantly stated.

"Are you sure that's all you remember?" Phil asked.

"I remember thinking about Tommy, and, y'know.... the situation... Then the..." Techno looked at the kitchen door to make sure Wilbur wasn't present before continuing, "...voices started talking about it and I guess I spaced out listening to them. I got really mad about how unfair it is and... I unintentionally took that out on Tommy..."

"He's not hurt, is he?"

"No. He said he was okay. I made sure as well," Techno reassured.

"That's good. Was he okay emotionally?"

"Yeah, I think so. Just a bit shook up, I hope."

"Techno, don't beat yourself up over it, okay? As long as no one was hurt, it was just an accide-"

Suddenly Mumza appeared with heavy tears in her eyes and no Tommy in sight.

"He's Gone!! T- They took him!!" She sobbed.







Fucken Ender

I swear to Mumza if Tommy is dead imma start stabbing shit


The voices acted up upon seeing mum.

Philza ran towards his wife.

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