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[Tommy's POV]

Once Tommy woke up, He walked down the stairs and into the kitchen.

"Thanks a lot, mate! I owe you!" Philza said as he hung up on the phone and set it down on the counter. "Morning, Tommy!"

"Morning, Phil."

"Techno and Wilbur already left and I'm going to be leaving pretty soon."

"Okay. Who's gonna watch me, though?" Tommy asked as he sat down at the island in the center of the kitchen.

"Puffy and Schlatt are both busy," Phil said. "But Puffy said Dream could. So he should be over soon to watch you."

"...Dream?" Tommy panicked slightly at the thought of him, though, not knowing why.

Phil walked up to Tommy and placed a gentle hand on his shoulder.

"I know you don't like him, Tommy. But it'll only be a couple hours, okay? I promise he won't do anything to you."

Tommy nodded slightly.

"Alright, what do you want to eat for breakfast?" Phil asked walking around the island.

.~•°: Time skip :°•~.

Tommy was finishing up his waffles when a knock was heard at the door. Phil opened it and welcomed Dream inside.

Tommy set his plate by the sink and slowly walked towards the front door.

"-and there's food in the kitchen if either of you are hungry," Phil was talking to Dream. "Alright. Tomm- oh, you're already here. I'm leaving, mate. I'll see you in a few hours. You'll be okay, right?" Phil knelt beside Tommy.

Tommy just nodded his head.

"Okay. Don't be too difficult with Dream. Thanks again. Bye!" Philza said as he left out the door.

And now it's just the two of them...

"So, what do you wanna do, Tommy?" Dream asked, slightly bending down to Tommy's height.

The boy thought for a moment. "Watch a movie?" Tommy asked more than said.

"Sure! C'mon. Which one?" Dream placed a hand on Tommy's back and gently ushered him towards the living room.

Tommy flinched slightly at the act, causing Dream to let go and Tommy to step back.

"You still scared of me, bud?" Dream said almost hurt as he knelt down.

Tommy just looked down, avoiding eye contact.

"Is there a reason?" He asked.

Tommy shrugged his shoulders.

"Is it my mask? I don't normally do this but I can take it off if it makes you feel any better."

Tommy looked up at the man in front of him, "..no its okay... sorry... I.. I dunno why I'm scared either..."

"It might help though, right?"

Tommy shrugged.

Slowly, Dream held his hands up behind his head and unclipped the strap holding up his mask. He grabbed the front before it could fall and set it down, revealing his face.

He had emerald green eyes, freckles across the middle of his face, and two small scars. One through his eyebrow and one through his lip.

"Is that better?" Dream asked.

Tommy was still scared of him but not as much as before. So, he nodded.

"Ok, you wanna watch a movie now?" He smiled.

Tommy nodded again and followed him into the living room.

- - -

After the movie, they went to the kitchen to have a snack.

They both sat quietly as Tommy ate his apple slices. Dream occasionally taking one or two for himself, which Tommy didn't mind.

After he finished, Dream took Tommy outside to play.

"Can we play hide 'n' seek?" Tommy asked Dream.

"Sure! You wanna hide or seek first?" He asked.


"Okay, two rules though. One, don't go too far into the woods, and two, no hiding in the house. You have 30 seconds!" Dream stated, then covered his eyes and started counting.

Tommy quickly ran into the woods.

There wasn't very many places to hide, so he climbed up a tree. He was as high as he could be without the branch breaking.

And then he waited.

After around seven minutes, Tommy started to hear Dream's calls coming closer.

Dream was right underneath the tree Tommy was in and was about to look up.

Tommy shuffled his way around the trunk of the tree.

"Tommy? How the fuck can I not find him?" Dream yelled then mumbled.

Tommy leaned around the side to look at him again.


Tommy's eyes widened as he fell down the tree, hitting multiple branches in the progress.

It wasn't until he hit the ground that he was holding onto something.

"Tommy! Holy shit, are you alright!?" Dream was holding Tommy on the ground after most likely trying to catch him.

"..ow," Was all Tommy said before looking over Dreams shoulder and seeing a familiar person standing just 10 feet away.

The person he had seen before with the cracked 'XD' mask.

Tommy jumped away from Dream and backwards while trying to warn Dream, but only stumbling over his words.

"Woah woah. What's wrong?!" Dream said reaching out for Tommy again.

"BEHIND YOU! ITS THEM!" Tommy pointed to the person. Dream looked back as the figure disappeared, causing Dream to be confused.

"There's nothing there...?" Dream looked back to Tommy. "What was it?"

"It- He was right there! He- the guy.."

"Hey, it's alright. You hit your head pretty hard; maybe you're seeing things, okay?" Dream said pulling Tommy back towards him and checking for any open wounds.

"No, I- I saw him! He was there when I played hide n seek with Tubbo and Drista, too."

"Are you okay? Anything hurt?" Dream asked.

"No, I think I'm fine..."

"Okay that's good. You wanna keep playing?"

"Yeah! I bet I can find you easily!" Tommy exclaimed, instantly forgetting about the mysterious man he saw just now.

"We'll see about that!"

- - -

They played a couple rounds, and it was Tommy's turn to hide again.

He ran off into the woods and hid behind a tree.

He sat down and snickered as Dream passed him.

"Hey, kiddo," Said the figure standing over Tommy, scaring him.

It was him. Again. The man that looked like dream...



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