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[Techno's POV]

Techno caught sight of XD holding a familiar teenager and immediately ran towards him with Wilbur following.

Mumza had done the same once she acknowledged them.

Gathered around XD and Phil, everyone looked at the kid with overwhelming sadness.

The poor boy was laying completely still in the young god's arms.

XD just stood speechless as he held the boy slightly tighter.

Mumza broke into tears along with Wilbur although he tried to hold it back the best he could.

Techno noticed that XD was still horribly wounded.

"You're still bleeding," Techno said no more than a whisper to XD.

"Give him here. It's probably hurting you..." Phil sympathizingly mumbled as he started to take the boy away from XD.

"I- I'm so sorry," XD quietly apologized. "If I had realized sooner, I would've don-"

"There's no need for you to apologize, XD. This isn't your fault," Phil interrupted, voice cracking, as he held his son in his arms.

Techno was looking at his brother when he thought of something.

"Where are his injuries?" Techno looked to XD.

"Injuries? Oh, I... don't know. He was fine when Phil went down. That's not normal, right?" XD asked.

Techno looked back at the kid to barely see his chest rise ever so slightly.

Techno quickly, yet gently, lifted his little brother's arm and placed two fingers on the inward part of his wrist.

Techno immediately perked up causing the family to look at him.

"He... He's alive," Techno said almost on disbelief.

Everyone's faces lit up in confusion but also relief.

XD looked towards Mumza.

"I didn't do anything this time..." She said with a confused look towards Tommy.

A groan was heard from behind them.

Everyone turned to see Ender trying to stand up.

Techno's eyes instantly lit up red at the sight of Ender.








Techno viciously grabbed his sword started making his way towards Ender.

"Shit- no, nononono- Techno, stop!" Wilbur started running up to him.

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