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[Mumza's POV]

"I can't do it..." Mumza said in Ender's presence.

"What do mean you 'can't do it'? You do as your told," Ender stated.

"I can't! He's like a son to me!"

"Why do you have to be so stubborn!? It was your job in the first place."

"It wasn't my fault!"

"But you didn't do anything to stop it. Correct?"

"No, because I didn't think things like this would happen!"

"You should have known this would cause problems."

"He's just a kid! And he's happy with my family right now!"

Ender sighed, "That family...You should know that you shouldn't even be anywhere close to mortals. You're lucky I was nice enough for you to love one. Not only that but also have two children with him."

"You don't understand! You've never been in love-"

"Yes, I have. Well, not exactly in love, but they were my friend..." Ender interrupted.

Mumza went quiet as she looked up at them.

"A funny thing about mortals is that they live fairly short lives." They paused, "That is the reason I didn't want you around them. You'll get attached and then you'll be crushed when their gone."

"I knew what I signed up for when I started my family."

Ender sighed, "That's besides the point anyway, he is not even your son. You should be able to do this."

"Tommy is my son and I will not fulfill this task. That's final," Mumza said.

Ender turned and made eye contact with Mumza.

"You have five mortal days. If the task is not completed by then, I will take matters into my own hands. Understood?"

Mumza hesitated.



[Tommy's POV]

The day wasn't going too great for Tommy.

He was spaced out most of the day.

The bell rang for lunch.

Tommy packed up his materials and walked through the halls until he got to the cafeteria.

He bought his lunch and sat down at the usual table he and Tubbo sit at.

Ranboo and Tubbo were already there eating their food when Tommy sat beside Tubbo.

"Hey, Tommy! Wassup?" Tubbo asked.

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