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[Techno's POV]

"-chno! Please be okay?"

Techno forcefully opened his eyes to see his concerned and worried dad shaking him awake.

"Techno! You're okay! Holy shit, you about gave me a heart attack, mate!" Philza helped Techno sit up.

"...dad? Why are you here?" Techno asked as he slowly regained awareness of his surroundings.

"Wilbur said you went to look for Tommy so I came after you before you got hurt. Or, fatally hurt I suppose. You are okay, though. Right?"

"What!? Wilbur snitched on me!? That son of a-"

"No he didn't snitch. He tried to hide it but I bribed him to tell the truth."

"With what?"

"I said I'd let him go to that concert next week. Now are you alright?"

"Yes, dad. I'm fine." Techno stood up with help from Phil and brushed the dirt and grass off of him.

"What happened?" Phil asked as he still looked around Techno for any injuries.

"Uh... Well, I found Tommy, but he was with the guy and asleep. I fought with him verbally for a few minutes before Tommy woke up. Once he let go of Tommy, I charged at him and after that it's mostly a blur..." Techno answered the best he could.

"But where's Tommy?"

"I told him to run off somewhere in that direction," Techno pointed in the last know place Tommy was. "I didn't wanna hurt him, or else I'd be in huge trouble. It was my fault anyway. I gave into those damn voices..." Techno grumbled towards the end.

"No, no, Techno. It's not your fault," Phil reassured Techno and hugged him.

Techno hugged back in the least awkward way he could.

"Can we go find that kid now?" Techno asked after a few moments had past.

"Yeah. I'll take the high ground while you go on foot. If you can, that is?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. I can walk."

"Okay, just please be careful? And yell if you need me. I should be too far from you."

"Yeah, yeah."

"Okay, see you in a bit," Philza stated before spreading his wings and taking off into flight in the direction Tommy was said to be running in.

Techno sighs. He picked up his sword and began walking in Phil's direction.

[Tommy's POV]

Something was running towards Tommy.

Before he could do anything, the figure came into view.

Tommy eyes widened.


"Tommy?" Techno was surprised to see him.

[Techno's POV]

Before Techno could say or ask anything more, Tommy quickly sprinted to hug him, almost knocking him down in the process.

Tommy quickly ranted, "Holy shit!! You're okay! I thought you were dead! And that guy was chasing me and he said someone was coming and he was scared of them so I thought you were then and-"

"Woah.. uh- thanks? And slow down. What happened?" Techno didn't exactly know what to do, but he knelt down and awkwardly hugged the kid back with one arm.

Tommy calmed down slightly. "That guy chased me and said someone was coming. He was scared of them so I thought they were gonna be really scary and dangerous or something."

The kid started crying towards the end but you could still understand him.

"Well, uh, its alright. I haven't seen anyone around here so I'm sure it's nothing."

What the hell techno?

Do you not know how to comfort people smh

Reasure him that he's okay!

You're shit at this.

The voices tried to give tips on how to comfort Tommy but Techno didn't listen. He decided to comfort him in his own way.

Techno set down his sword and sat down completely on the forest floor.

Techno used his other arm to help pull Tommy closer to him and let him cry it out.

Unlike Techno, some people just need to cry sometimes to feel better. He learned this from Phil when Wilbur had a breakdown about something once.

Techno sighed. "It's alright, kid," he attempted to comfort him.

"You're lying. Aren't you?" Tommy quietly said.

"That's not for you to worry about."

Tommy calmed down quite a bit in the next minute.

"Sorry..." Tommy apologized quietly.

Techno took this by surprise, but he obviously didn't show it. "For what?"

"For barging into your guys' lives," He sniffed. "I asked Wilbur about you specifically and- uh, he said you would warm up to me eventually," Tommy laughed slightly. "I didn't believe that..."

"Why not?" Techno was intrigued by this.

"Because of how serious you are and stuff..."

"That doesn't mean anything. You said 'didn't' as in past tense. You believe him now?" Techno asked and looked down at the child.

"Pfft- what are you? English police or something," Tommy smiled.

"You didn't answer."

Tommy sniffed again. "Eh, I dunno."

"Fine. You feel any better now?" Techno asked.

"Uh, yeah. A lot better, actually."

"Okay, can you stand? Or do I need to carry you again?" Techno teased.

"No, no. I can stand. I'm a big man after all," Tommy laughed slightly as he stood up.

Techno grabbed his sword and stood up aswell.

"Wait, what about that person XD said about? You think they're still coming?!" Tommy panicked.

"I dunno, Tom... just stay close, okay?"

"Uh, okay..." Tommy stood closer to Techno.

Suddenly, a voice came from behind them.

"Hello boys!"


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