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[Tommy's POV]

Tommy woke up on.... the ground?

Tommy sat up as looked around confused.

He was outside?

When did he- wait...

Did XD take him again!?

Tommy stood up in a panic.

He expected XD to pop out of no where and hurt him for telling Mumza what he did.

But he didn't.

After a couple minutes, Tommy came to the conclusion that XD wasn't there.

But if it wasn't XD... why is he here?

Did Phil kick him out?!

No, phil wouldn't do that... right?

Nah, Wilbur's too clingy to let him do that.

Tommy looked through the trees and saw a pathway. He walked towards it and found a wooden sigh pointing in one direction of the path.

Tommy can't read but he didn't really need to. The sign was all scratched up.


Tommy decided to follow the sign's direction anyway.

After a minute or two of walking, he found a village.

It was small, but lively. There were people all around.

Kids were playing with each other while the adults were doing whatever was needed, such as selling or buying things in the market.

Tommy walked around and admired the village until something in the corner of his eye gained his attention.

He looked to his right and saw a glow of something coming from the alleyway. He walked towards it.

Once the glow began to fade, Tommy started running instead.

Once he was in the alleyway, he looked down at the small dying fire in front of him.

The only fuel that remained of it was a single piece of paper.

Tommy saw the scattered papers on the floor and picked one up.

It was a picture of a family but the faces were smudged.

He knelt down by the fire and threw the picture in. He watched as it caught flame and the flame grew slightly larger.

Tommy lost interest after a few minutes and decided to leave.

He walked out of the alley way and looked back out to the townspeople.

Almost in a blink of an eye, the entire village was on fire.

The people were gone.

There was smoke pouring out of buildings.

Tommy stepped back in shock as the building above him made a loud noise.

He looked up and saw the building collapsing on top of him.

He closed his eyes and raised his arms up in defence.

When he didn't feel any pain, he opened his eyes.

Everything was a black void.


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